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Not a Minute of Silence, a Lifetime of Struggle: 23 Years After the Murder of Claudia López [Chile]

Chile. From the most restless corners of memory we call ourselves together, both comrades who knew Claudia from a rebellious fraternity, as well as those who, without knowing her, recognize ourselves in her life experience and struggle, to continue the fight against oblivion, contributing to not let history write itself, to add ourselves to that torrent of memories that has decanted into praxis and resistance, multiplying and expanding through libraries, social centers, activities, squats, street fights, actions, canvases, posters, murals and pamphlets.

Originally published by Dark Nights. Translated by Abolition Media Worldwide.

This time from our point of view, from our memory, with rage and pain, with our partial defeats, but also with victories on our shoulders, we intend to raise, far from the unquestionable truths, an exercise/praxis of memory and retrace the steps that led that September 11, 1998 to the comrade Claudia Lopez, the girl Claudia, with her 25 years, to walk to the neighborhood La Pincoya where she left her life in the street, killed by police bullets. Shots endorsed by a State always at the service of capital and the powerful. There is no doubt about these facts and this reality, in spite of journalistic infamy or legal-police maneuvers.

That the girl was in La Pincoya that night is not due to chance or some momentary rebellious impulse but to a decision and a path traced for years in struggles and street confrontations, both in universities and in different towns, as well as in her active participation in militant coordination, joining forces between different autonomous experiences and anti-state struggles.

Throughout these years much has been said about the political militancy of the comrade; this undoubtedly cannot be understood from unique and determinant categories, even more so when it was a time that from a successful questioning of a dogmatic Marxism by those who bet on revitalizing an offensive practice against power and capital, a rapprochement is generated between trends of a revolutionary Marxism, anti-capitalism and autonomy, with anarchism. It is in this space where Claudia moved without compromising with halftones.

Those were also times of palpable after-effects of a nauseating transition; times of consolidation of a savage capitalism gestated under the protection of rifles and military boots and administered servilely by the “concertacionista” governments of the time; times in which many lowered their guard under the fallacy that once the dictatorial beast was displaced, the struggle was meaningless, avoiding accepting that the same people continued to rule in a democracy that is nothing more than a more sophisticated form of an authoritarian regime. In this context, many also, from an insurrectionary lucidity, chose to keep alive a rebellious and combative flame in order to confront an asphyxiating reality, Claudia among them.

This is why, without fear of being mistaken, we maintain the clarity of Claudia’s journey, from the secondary struggles during the last years of the dictatorship to the struggles during the democratic transition, and for those of us who shared a trench with her, we rescue the relationship of comradeship that we forged, organizing ourselves by affinity, with common objectives, treading the same streets, defending the same barricades that have not ceased to rise until today.

Twenty-three years have passed since those police bullets riddled the body of the Chica, today far from the judicial networks and the chants of victimhood we seek to build our memory with offensive and combat, uniting different generations to give continuity to the struggle against the prevailing order.

To rescue the history of Claudia is not only to rescue a relatively recent past, but also to bring out of oblivion experiences to project the struggle from the present. We seek to sabotage the machinery of amnesia by spreading the rebellious dance of the compañera in every corner where paths of denial to the world of the powerful emerge. The bullets that assassinated Claudia continue to assassinate different compañerxs and still remain impatient to be unloaded on anyone who questions the State.

Soon to the new commemoration of the police murder, we call on each compañerx, individuality, collective, group, organization and initiative to raise their own activity or propaganda in the multiform variety that can have the memory, taking in their hands the collective work so that this date does not go unnoticed.

From this coordination we are calling for an activity to commemorate our comrade fallen in combat with a multiformity of actions to remember her in our black hearts on Saturday, September 4. We will go from the mural, through the common pot, dance, trova, workshops, readings and bands that will join our action that day.

We also call to spread and encourage this and other initiatives. From the streets of La Pincoya, Santiago Centro or Temuco to any street in the cities of other territories: that the memory knows how to travel and be translated into the only possible language, that of the conflict with the existing and the black memory of our hearts, which are also black.

23 years after the assassination of comrade Claudia Lopez

Fighting youth, permanent insurrection!

– Kali Subversiva

– Memoria Negra


Territory dominated by the $hilean Capital State

August 2021

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