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All trees still standing in the Osterholz forest [Haan/Wuppertal, Germany]

Haan. Wuppertal. Germany. The struggle for the Osterholz forest is entering its decisive phase. Were all the previous demonstrations, information events, forest walks and also individual contributions to the preservation of the forest located on the border of Wuppertal and Haan city territory in vain? Or can we soon celebrate our collective victory?

Originally published by Indymedia DE. Translated by Riot Turtle.

But it is never in vain. Today, standing up in solidarity for the preservation of forest areas has long since not been an isolated experience on the edge of Bergisch Land (Region around Wuppertal, Enough 14), but a collectively created awareness that resistance is always worthwhile. This long global struggle, regardless of whether it always leads to success in the end, is an important and valuable (learning) experience and will bring all those who get involved forward.

It is possible that the various lawsuits before the administrative court will be successful. Will a compromise be found and, as an alternative, will the overburden be taken to where it is needed and no trees have to be felled? We cannot rely on this.

The scenario still looms that (hopefully) many people, around day X have to resist the eviction of the forest occupation and the clearing works. Inform yourself on the pages of or about the latest developments.

An opportunity to show that we are many and the resistance has so far been rather underestimated, would be the upcoming forest walk, on Sunday, September 5, which could possibly be the last. Meeting place is the hiker parking space Hermgesberg in Haan. Start 02:00pm (14:00).

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