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Chile: Words of the subversive comrade Marcelo Villarroel from Rancagua Prison

Chile. Statement by subversive prisoner Marcelo Villarroel.

Originally published by Buscando la Kalle. Originally published by Dark Nights.

“If we are warriors let this condition be expressed in jail and in the streets and never be defeated by fear, silence and even less by repentance.”

For Sacco and Vanzetti

For our cries for freedom!!!

In memory of my Father.

More than 100 years ago the anarchists of action in some places of the world claimed to be subversives.

94 years ago were assassinated in the electric chair the insurrectional anarchist comrades of Italian origin Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti on August 23, 1927 after a trial that lasted 7 years, 4 months and 17 days.

They were held responsible for acts in which they did not participate, but above all they were murdered for being anarchist subversives of action, convinced of the need for constant confrontation with the state and its oppressive violence. The excuse of power: robbery and homicide.

During the rigged process that ended up seating them in the electric chair, the solidarity of a wide range of anti-authoritarian sectors was not long in coming. All over the planet, through countless actions and gestures coming from the deepest illegality, this indestructible bond of insurrectionary complicity was expressed, capable of crossing territories, languages, temporalities and all kinds of limitations that left an indelible mark in the history of the struggle against the prison society that lasts until today.

Since then, the carictaturized figures in the innocence and victimhood of both comrades have been the predominant discourse of those who have distorted their stories of struggle with the purpose of denigrating the undeniable insurrectionist character of the anarchic universe of axion of which they were a part.

But the force of reality prevails over any farce turned into a mass narrative or official history.

It is in this path of subversive violence, from horizontality and in anti-authoritarian affinity that both comrades live and return traveling through time in every gesture of conspiracy, in every space where the same ideas that unite and have united those who dare to leave the empty “phrases of bronze” to move without hesitation to the action are recreated.

In the territory dominated by the Chilean state, practices are much closer than empty labels and definitions. In this way, for many years, different comrades who, without calling themselves Anarchists, have been moving through deep illegality, sustaining autonomous and anti-authoritarian practices, unite in the action and in the sentiment with clearly anarchist comrades with whom, from a real struggle, they go on to unite in a real struggle, from a real struggle, a joint history is being built over and above the sectarian appeals that recognize the strength of our combat experiences as an inseparable continuity and present trace of the social war.

It is in the construction and continuity of a dynamic history that does not deny neither its links nor its convictions that we find ourselves and will continue to find ourselves in the frontal combat for total liberation in prison and in the street.

Our insurrectionary and subversive position in these lands claims with powerful pride of Offensive Memory every compañerx who, throwing themself into the combat from the autonomy, has consacrated their life for the destruction of the existing and in this our view of the experience of the conflict is wide and not biased.

We vindicate comrades from different epochs and revolutionary tendencies who have left, giving their best days to the struggle against domination, clearly and directly taking their decision to fight. They are the undeniable examples in and from the illegality that make us have that practice and look much more open and connected with the essence of the conflict.

In this way, Norma Vergara and Claudia López, Emilia Milen walk together in our history of attack and resistance. Likewise, Andrés Soto Pantoja and Mauricio Morales.

Sebastián Oversluij, our mother, grandmother and comrade Luisa Toledo and all of our brothers and sisters are an inescapable part of our days and experiences of war against the nefarious Chilean state and its history of exploitation and misery. Alex Lemún, Julio Huentekura, Matias Catrileo, Rodrigo Melinao, Lemuel Fernández are not only names in the air, but the concrete evidence of a struggle sustained over time and without renunciation which, moreover, does not ignore the different expressions of the rebels who today attack the State.

This is our reality of daily and millimetric war. Constant struggles, fights and battles that anyone who does not want to see is because they are consciously ignoring traces of multiform offensive Resistance in the prison and in the street and in different territories where brothers and sisters walk.

In the framework of the week of international solidarity with anarchist prisoners, an eternal embrace to all those who fight without hesitation in the different territories for the liberation of the earth, for the destruction of the prisons and against capital.





Libertarian autonomous subversive prisoner

La Gonzalina company prison, Rancagua.

August 29, 2021

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