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Militant pre-evening spontaneous demo against the §129-trial against Antifa Ost in Dresden [Germany]

Dresden. Germany. This evening (07.09.), a powerful and loud spontaneous demonstration moved through Dresden Neustadt to draw attention to tomorrow’s start of the trial against Lina E. and Antifa Ost at the Higher Regional Court (OLG) Dresden. More than 100 protesters took part, who wanted to show that although a few are sitting in the dock, this trial criminalizes necessary anti-fascist work of an entire movement. The charged group of anti-fascists are accused of being members of a terrorist organization according to §129 and of having carried out arson attacks and assaults against neo-Nazis. The defendant Lina E. has been held in pre-trial detention since November 2020, as the investigating authorities have used several cell phones and a small amount of cash in her apartment as evidence of an intention to flee.

Originally published by Kontrapolis. Translated by Riot Turtle.

We consider these actions of the security authorities as politically motivated actions of a Leipzig special police task force (SokoLinx), which has come under pressure to be successful, and which since its existence has only drawn attention to itself through investigative mishaps and entanglements with the far-right scene. Therefore, we consider it necessary to criticize these circumstances, to show solidarity with the defendants and to raise awareness among a broad public through the demonstration. We see in this constructed trial the preliminary climax of the ongoing criminalization of anti-fascist actions, which is blown out of proportion by the Saxon and German security authorities and intelligence services to terrorism, while far-right murder series such as the NSU are played down by these same authorities for decades, who co-financed and blocked their investigation. We will not tolerate this kind of behavior on the part of the state and will stand unreservedly behind the defendants. Consistent anti-fascism is necessary, even if it does not always move within the framework of the law, considering the inability and unwillingness of German security authorities to pursue violent neo-Nazis whose ideology aims to exterminate human lives.

We stand in solidarity with everyone who stands in the way of Nazis, even in the face of state repression, whether with a hammer or a megaphone! We demand the immediate release of Lina E. as well as the dismissal of the case against Antifa Ost, which is based on flimsy circumstantial evidence anyway. Consistent antifascism remains necessary!

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