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Block IAA: Actions against the IAA, the international trade fair of the car industry [Munich, Germany]

Munich. Germany. A report about yesterdays actions against the IAA, the international trade fair of the car industry. More actions are expected today and tomorrow.

Originally published by No Future For IAA. Translated by Riot Turtle.

Because we’re tired of corporations and the car lobby tangibly profiting from the climate crisis, we’ve tangibly disrupted their party today.

It is already clear: the relocation of the IAA to Munich is not a success story for VDA and Co. The IAA has to be secured in a brute and militarized way, nevertheless there can be no talk of a smooth course of events. The staged omnipotence of the police was broken despite massive violence and intimidation by the police. With a squatting action and the opening of the ‘Open Space for Future’ we took a practical step against the privatization of the city by the IAA, because urban space should be usable and shapeable free of profit interests for all people.

The already scarce public space in Munich was privatized even more for the VDA. The advertising and exhibition spaces labeled as Open Spaces, of all things, were given the prime corners of the city, while the protest camp, for example, was confronted with harassment and sometimes downright ridiculous conditions from the very beginning. What for people with bicycles only results in an annoying restriction of freedom of movement, means for many people quite concretely exclusion, displacement and repression. For example, the IAA’s regulations on the use of space and area include a ban on political expression as well as a ban on begging – enforced by private securities and state power.

We want a city for all and oppose the violent seizure of space by the car lobby, secured by thousands of cops, by appropriating public space. That’s why a house in Karlstraße was squatted as part of the No Future For IAA actions. For Open Spaces that deserve this name. Despite the violent eviction and the attacks of the police on our finger, we made it clear that we will not be intimidated by the mass of police from all over Germany who were brought to Munich.

Today (September 10, 2021, Enough 14), a lot of other things happened as well: The Bluelane was blocked, Odeonsplatz was occupied by numerous activists, Königsplatz and Bosch-Werk were surprisingly visited.

With its new image as a mobility fair, the IAA tried to present itself as a project for sustainability and climate protection. This staging was thwarted today by thousands of activists who made clear what the IAA really stands for: for the privatization of public space, for the exploitation of natural resources and for a continuation of the same with a green varnish.

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