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“Revolution without borders” – Demonstration against the health pass [France]

Two texts from Toulouse, France, on resistance against the so-called “Health pass” (Pass Sanitaire).

Originally published by IAATA and Détruisons l’économie. Translated by The Friends of the Class War. Taken from Libcom.

“Revolution without borders” – Demonstration against the health pass

This text was written by people who participated in a revolutionary march during the demonstration against the health pass, Saturday 11.09.[2021, in Toulouse].

Why a revolutionary march?
We wanted to hold a revolutionary march to defend an orientation: the one that links the demonstrations against the health pass to the uprising of the Gilets Jaunes and more widely to the great wave of revolt that has been shaking the world since then.

Why “Revolution without borders”?
We wanted to insist on the borderless character of the revolution, because we know well that the attacks against the exploited, the policing which generalizes, may take different forms according to the countries but follow globally the same approach: to crush the proles, to divide us in order to better exploit us.

Some political tendencies would like to make a clean sweep of the practices and struggles of these last years.
They try to limit the protest to authorized spaces and reduce the struggle to partial demands, such as the freedom to consume without a pass, while more and more factions of the population simply do not have the financial possibility to consume.

The hostility of these tendencies to take the revolutionary path opened by the GJ, whereas they favor the status quo or the reaction, this is what gave confidence to the fascist groups. The latter that attacked the revolutionary and gilet jaune march counted on a lack of solidarity from the rest of the demonstration. But the demonstrators didn’t hear it that way and together the demonstration cleared the fascists, before the cops gassed the whole place.

And now?
We reiterate our opposition to the social control embodied by the health pass, and especially to the deterioration of our living conditions, to the layoffs and dismissals that are coming!

Long live the revolution without borders
Let’s build the solidarity of all the exploited

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PDF in French:
English translation: The Friends of the Class War


Leaflet found during the demonstration against the health pass in Toulouse on September 4, 2021 and published by Détruisons l’économie.

With the introduction of the Health Pass and the measures that accompany it, the State is once again applying the same strategy it has used since the beginning of the Covid epidemic: strengthening social control, setting people against each other, this time those who have the pass against those who do not.

The quarrels between vaccinated and non-vaccinated make any solidarity between the exploited more complicated and prevent them to identify what causes the successive crises we are living: i.e. it is the capitalist system and not a colleague, a neighbor, a friend…

On the other hand, they want to accustom us to submit to ever more regular controls. Police powers are strengthened, identity checks are generalized, and they are subcontracted to an ever increasing part of the population. Not surprisingly, it is thanks to the support of technology that this policing takes place.

The already harsh living conditions of undocumented migrants will be even worse. On the other hand, commodities, various international traders and tourists from the richest countries will continue to move from one country to another without difficulty, while people who do not have the right documents will have more and more trouble at the borders and while travelling.

It is against this dynamic of accelerating social control that we intend to fight.

If we fight against the pass, it is not because we are opposed to vaccination, but against capitalism and the different tools it uses to maintain itself, contrary to certain components of the movement that are there for reasons antagonistic to ours: the far right has always been opposed to the overthrow of the system.

It has always ensured maintenance of the established order, of bourgeois morality, cloistered behind the borders that it defends at all costs. The designation of scapegoats has always been part of its practices. They are nothing but scavengers, who want to strengthen themselves through this movement to establish an even more authoritarian society.

Faced with the health pass, faced with the deterioration of our living conditions that the economic crisis will bring, faced with the layoffs that are sure to happen, faced with the reform of unemployment or pensions, rather than being complacent with the far right:


Source in French:
English translation: The Friends of the Class War

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