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Etniko Bandido Infoschop: 11th Years of Existence [Philippines]

Philippines. Etniko Bandido Infoshop and Community Resource Center

A laboratory for liberational project and ideas. Etniko Bandido Infoshop became a venue for different kind of community event and hosting activities such as workshop, film screening, exhibition, meetings, mini-concert other social gathering etc. Our dedication and passion on community-centered projects and values-oriented initiative will continue. Promoting anti-authoritarian, mutual-aid, voluntary-cooperation, horizontalism and culture of Sharing.

Submitted to Enough 14. Originally published by Etniko Bandido Infoshop.

On this especial day, we managed to organize a small gathering with friends. At around 4pm, we bring out the table outside to arrange the vegetables to be given free to our community, as part of the initiative of Buting Community Free Shop and Pantry after that we moved inside to continue the activity.

Later, an impromptu performance made by Ju who share and read his zine. Then the informal introduction of the zines called “Ang Mga Lumpen ng Bangkusay” the content of the zines tackles the stories and life of the Lumpen or the so-called outcast, unorganized and unimportant people in society, the zines also inspired by the late anti-colonizer warrior named Macario Sakay, (March 1, 1878 – September 13, 1907) was a Filipino general who took part in the 1896 Philippine Revolution against the Spanish Empire and in the Philippine–American War. After the war was declared over by the United States in 1902, Sakay continued resistance by leading guerrilla raids.

The discussion continues while we share what’s on the table, foods and drinks. A small gathering like this eases the boredom and isolation for the long year of restriction and lockdowns because of the pandemic crisis. Mental health issues like anxiety and depression became a common experience here. We don’t know when it will end because the government unreliability to manage the health situation is also a crisis.

We are thankful to all the friends who joined and supported the celebration of our 11th years of being one of the autonomous spaces that still running and actively participating in various socio-political issues and community-oriented activities. Love and in continues rebellion – EB

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