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Lyon: occupation of the Clémenceau gymnasium for immediate and permanent rehousing of those evicted from the Feyzin squat [France]

Lyon. France. September 16th. 2021. This morning, Thursday 16 September, around 7:30 am, without prior notice, more than 20 vans of the national and municipal police, CRS units, PAF (Border Police), accompanied by representatives of the prefecture, the town hall, DDETS/DDCS, Ofii and the Salvation Army, deployed a huge operation to evict the Feyzin squat, the former Georges Brassens school. Since February 2020, the place was sheltering 100 to 200 people, families and isolated people, and was under pressure, threats and lawsuits from the owner, the multinational Total.

Originally published by Squat Net.

No one, neither residents, nor supporters, nor associations, had been officially warned of the intervention. Most of the inhabitants were not able to recover all their belongings. Would it be more important for the institutions responsible for providing unconditional housing for everyone to protect Total’s image from yet another scandal than to respect the residents and their right to housing?

This eviction leaves dozens of people homeless, since many residents were evicted without being offered any housing solution, despite numerous social diagnoses and empty promises from institutions. The only response of the Ofii was to offer them Voluntary Return Assistance to push them to leave the territory. For the few people who had the right to accommodation, they were taken by bus to the former military barracks of Saint Priest, the Chabal Barracks, transformed into an accommodation center. The conditions of reception there are unbearable: no individual rooms, insalubrious building, surveillance cameras and private security.

This reflects once again the repressive and undignified management by the Prefecture and the State of the precarious and badly housed. Because of the lack of necessary places for emergency accommodation – there are 10,000 places missing in Lyon – and because of the State’s policy of non-accommodation, many people will find themselves on the street as of this evening.

Faced with evictions, there is only one solution: occupation!!!

Faced with the urgency of the situation, we are occupying the Clemenceau gymnasium, 66 rue Béchevelin, in the 7th district, to house those evicted from the Feyzin squat.

This occupation is not a lasting solution: we demand the immediate rehousing of all those present. Until then, we call for massive support from all of us, individuals, associations, collectives. Join us now at the Clemenceau gym, Lyon 7.

We need sleeping equipment (mattresses and blankets), food (vegetables, dry goods), cooking equipment and electricity (extension cords, power strips).

Join us at 66 rue Béchevelin.

Squat du gymnase Clémenceau
66 rue Béchevelin, 69007 Lyon, France.

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