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Demo, riot and action against repression – fragments of an offensive weekend [Leipzig, Germany]

Leipzig. Germany. There has never really been any reason in the history of the FRG to believe that state repression is on a downward trend. Nevertheless, in recent years – and especially in the wake of the G20 summit – many have the impression that repression is increasing (not only in the FRG).

Image above: Windows clatter and you scream, people die and you remain silent…

Originally published by End of Road. Translated by Riot Turtle.

Thus, even before the G20, the punishability of attacks on cops had been intensified. After the summit, of course, there was the repression in response to the riot (nowadays it’s enough to raise your voice against a cop), in the course of which several people had to serve pre-trial detention and prison sentences. Then the new police laws came, the constant legal, technical and personnel armaments, increasing interlocking of military and civil administration, several 129a proceedings and all this against the background of a far-right shift in society, fascist terrorist attacks and armed far-right structures in the state apparatus. We do not need to continue the list, we know all this. That is why it is encouraging to have a look at the past weekend!

Obviously, there were attacks against cops and burning barricades in Connewitz after the Wir-sind-alle-Linx demonstration on Saturday.

In addition, there has already been an arson attack on an engineering office in Dresden Albertstadt in the night from Thursday to Friday. According to a claim of responsibility [], which was published on the Internet, the company is involved in the construction of the new correctional facility in Zwickau []. Here is a quote from the statement:

“Despite all our hostility towards prisons and the society that needs them, we were motivated to take this action by Lina’s continuing imprisonment and the start of the trial of her and other companions last week here at the Higher Regional Court. They are accused of attacking fascists and being organized as a criminal organization. They are accused of having acted in a consequent anti-fascist way, i.e. of having fought fascists effectively. Those who claim that this struggle is to be waged at the ballot box, in parliaments or in “democratic discourse” fail to understand the history of this disgusting country. Since the state is the basis of fascism, the struggle against fascism cannot be limited to the means permitted by the state. Fascists must also be attacked militantly, they must be afraid to continue to be active, they must be prevented from their anti-human activities in a tangible way.

We thank the comrades who beat up fascists!
We send the crackle of our flames to Lina, ELLA/Up1 and Boris!
Freedom for all prisoners!
For anarchy!

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