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Lützerath, Germany: Action week “All Trees Remain” – kick-off of the clearing prevention season 29.09.-06.10.21

Lützerath. Germany. From 01.10. the clearing season also begins in the ZAD Rhineland. In Lützerath, RWE wants to continue to create facts and cut down the trees. 650 million tons of coal are still to be burned here, the climate crisis is to be further fueled. We will prevent this!

Originally published by Hambi Bleibt. Translated by Riot Turtle.

Lignite enriches a few, but the emissions generated threaten
many millions of lives worldwide. Today AND in the future!
We are active on the ground, we are part of the global climate justice movement. We stand firmly in the way of the expected clearing work and will not allow international corporations (such as RWE) to continue to fuel the climate crisis.

We continue to build up resistance to keep the coal in the ground. Lützerath is the last obstacle in the way of RWE and their quest for profit through destruction before the excavators can continue to eat their way through the country for years to come.
During the action week ALL TREES REMAIN, we are preparing together with different skillshares from building and climbing workshops to legal and action trainings to prevent the expected clearings. With the skills we learn, we ring in the clearing prevention season!
In this way, we want to give society a chance to comply with the 1.5° limit set in the Paris.

Feel free to keep up to date via our website, and our social media channels.
See you in Lützerath on the streets, on the blockade and in the trees! We act now!

More information: @LuetziBleibt


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