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Berlin: Free Adel – Free all Antifascists

Berlin. In March 2021, thousands of people gathered in Berlin under the motto “Peace – Freedom – Sovereignty” for a “march” against the state’s corona measures. Among them were many conspiracy theorists, corona deniers and neo-Nazis. In the context of this demonstration, there was a serious incident between antifascists and right-wing demonstrators in the Tiergarten. As a result, our friend and comrade Adel and other people were suddenly arrested by the Berlin police with a massive posse. Adel had to wait for hours in a small, cramped cell in the prison van without knowing what he was being accused of. When asked, the cops were annoyed and repeatedly made racist remarks towards him.

Originally published by Indymedia DE.

When Adel wanted to know what day it was, one cop replied: “Today is the day you’re going into custody!

Such a comment clearly shows that the pigs were psychologically harassing Adel and wanted to see him in custody. This statement was made before any magistrate could decide on it. There is no question of presuming innocence here. It also shows how the German police behave towards migrant activists: Shit!

It is time to expose and fight the structural racism in the Berlin investigation authorities. This is not the first time Adel has been affected by racist police harassment and violence. We will be more explicit about this in the coming weeks.

After hours of uncertainty, Adel was taken with the other detainees to the GeSa (detention centre) at Tempelhofer Damm. There began an inhuman ordeal lasting several hours. Adel was taken to a cell where he had to spend the next 18 hours on a wooden cot without a blanket or pillow. The bright light was not turned off even for the night’s rest. So Adel sat awake in the cell the whole time, unsure of his future.

His lawyer, who was contacted immediately after his arrest, was currently making strenuous efforts to secure his release.

On the following Sunday, only Adel (he was the only migrant among those arrested) was brought before a magistrate, who immediately decided to transfer Adel to Moabit Prison. The reason for the arrest warrant was a flimsy construction of the offence of “risk of absconding”. This was absurd, considering that at the time of the corona pandemic all travel possibilities were restricted to such an extent that it was hardly possible to leave the house. Moreover, adel had a permanent residence, a registered address and a stable social environment. It can be assumed that the authorities were well aware of this after their months of surveillance. As a side note, Adel has faced all proceedings to date. This makes the “fears” of the magistrate seem even more unrealistic.

Adel has always refused to be broken, neither by the racist repressive apparatus in Berlin, nor by the systematic intimidation of his family members, which was the order of the day for him.

For example, his mother was visited at home on that Sunday morning by police officers who knew the scene and who twisted her words to suit the pigs. So if anyone wonders why the reason for the escape, “risk of absconding”, was upheld, then the only thing that can be cited is the construct of lies that the cops concocted with her statement, which was made under unreasonable circumstances.

It is clear that this intervention must also be seen as an attempt to intimidate and break the comrade.

Adel is our friend and a comrade with a straight back whom we will never abandon. Whatever the cost! The state has declared a war on Adel and all antifascists that will not go unanswered!

Repression against anti-fascist activists and leftists in general has always been common practice in Berlin and the entire FRG. Also in the 19th century, in the 20s when German fascism arose, in the 60s and 70s, in the autonomous 90s or today!

Solidarity greetings go out to Lina, Findus and all others who are directly or indirectly affected by state violence. With Adel’s solidarity campaign, we don’t only want to stand up for Adel, but also for all others whose voice is not heard. If solidarity structures would like to help us, we would like to see that and Adel would be happy about that too. You can get further information such as contact or donation account details on the solidarity page.

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