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Santiago: Thoughts of Comrade Pablo Bahamondes Ortiz, “El Oso,” before the start of his trial [Chile]

Santiago de Chile: Thoughts of Comrade Pablo Bahamondes Ortiz, “El Oso,” before the start of his trial.

Image above: “…We choose to live on the edge of the abyss and not the ways of docile people who crawl around begging for power” (Excerpt from Célula Nihilista del Ocaso del Fuego. Argentina).

Originally published by La Peste. Translated by Riot Turtle.

Three years have passed since my arrest, and after a series of legal attempts to hold court hearings in person, the courts refused this possibility without me being able to present a legitimate defense, so that I will only find myself in front of a screen to watch the absurd spectacle of judges, state prosecuters and police officers exercising their power to imprison me for as many years as possible.

“Not to trust, nothing to expect from the judiciary”

Mónica Caballero

Staying upright in any possible scenario, recognizing oneself as a prisoner of war, remains the path to follow.

Emphasizing that there is nothing to explain or acknowledge to the state for this journey, taking up the struggle against this world of permanent misery.

There have been times of endless learning, there have been times of loneliness and companionship, times of making and building connections, in short… times that cannot be silenced and that certainly make you stronger than before.

I am not the only one, nor will we be the only ones here; many brothers and sisters have been here for quite some time, reflecting the continuity of the tireless struggle for total liberation. And so we have joined together in practice and discourse in the face of the various anti-prison issues, targeting the real enemies and establishing a bond of insurgent fraternity.

A warm hug to all who have shown active solidarity with the prisoners in various territories.

A complicit salute to our subversive and anarchist brothers and sisters for their mutual support.

The comrades Mónica Caballero, Francisco Solar, Luis Avaca, Ignacio Avaca, Marcelo Villarroel, Juan Aliste, Juan Flores and Joaquín García… ON THE STREETS!!!

May the subversive practice strengthen and spread the volumes of complicity!!!

Freedom for the subversive, anarchist prisoners, and prisoners of the revolt and the Mapuche!!!

Cancellation of the changes of Decree 321!!!

Destroy the prison society and its supporters!!!

Pablo Bahamondes Ortiz, „El Oso“

Subversive prisoner Villa Francia

Prison – Company

Santiago 1

September 2021

Territory dominated by the Chilean state

Pablo was arrested along with Henry Mendez and Hugo Moraga while they were in a vehicle on September 8, 2018, as part of an investigation into an attack that occurred in Melipilla in April 2017. The prosecution is asking for 36 years and one day for Pablo and Henry for placing, activating, detonating and exploding explosive devices and transporting handmade weapons; possession of firearms, possession and carrying of ammunition.

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