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Solidarity with the four accused in the Gare trial in Athens [Greece]

Athens. Greece. On September 29, the trial of two comrades from Berlin and two comrades from Athens will take place in the Evelpidon Court in Athens.

Image above, archive image: Police occupation of the Exarcheia district (Athens).

Originally published by Indymedia DE.

On November 26, 2017, the four people were arrested during the violent eviction of Gare Squat in the Exarchia district of Athens. Among other charges, they are accused of trespassing, attempted dangerous bodily harm, refusal to provide forensic identification, and possession of explosive materials and bombs.

This eviction was the first of three, as a result of this the four comrades were detained for 4 days. They were released after on a bail. Now the trial take place, almost four years later.

After the trial was postponed for a year in September of last year, things have changed. ( Sep.: 2020)

The district of Exarchia has changed in many ways since Nea Demokratia came to power in 2019.

Thus, the eviction waves 2019/2020, the reintroduction of the motorized “Delta” units and the further increasing militarization of the police, as well as the enforcement of the state Corona measures have left their mark on the neighborhood. Especially the evictions of many houses and the simultaneous introduction of restrictions on staying outside have led to the weakening of many structures of the past years and made it more difficult to organize together and easily get together. The closing of the Politechnical University and the restrictions of access that have continued until now have also contributed to this.

One of the four accused, Dimitris Chatzivasiliadis, got arrested on August 9, after a year and a half in underground, and has been in preventive jail since then (http://kontrpolioglnxrcdwwxfszih4pifyidfjgq4ktfdu6uh4nn35vjtuid.onion/4548/ Tor-Adress).

In this year and a half, he has already been sentenced to 16 years of imprisonment in the 1st court-instance for membership in the Revolutionary Self-Defense organization and for participation in a robbery.

“The squats have their relevance not because of the stones they are built of, but because of the ideas that are created and lived in them. These ideas are found everywhere in the world and are also attacked everywhere by the rulers. This makes international networking and solidarity necessary to resist together and defend our ideas.” September 2020

The police authorities of the European states are highly networked and are working on an ever smoother exchange of information as well as on being able to make every person in every place tangible or to monitor them with measures. For this purpose they have created tools like Europol.

As the attacks on our ideas are coordinated by internationally better networked and structured authorities, our solidarity should also go beyond national borders and be set in an international framework.

Solidarity with the four accused!

Freedom for Dimitris

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