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Anarchist comrade Boris gets out of prison but is not out of danger [France]

Nancy. France. Anarchist prisoner Boris, who was in a coma, was released.

Originally published by Sansom. Translated by Act For Freedom Now!

Indymedia Lille, 29 September 2021

[The trial] of 20 September, which would have dealt with the appeal against the 4 year prison sentence, could not take place because of the still critical state of health of our comrade who continues to be in an artifically induced coma.

The judges decided to “release” him without judicial control, and to postpone his trial until further notice.

While we can only rejoice that he is no longer under the control of the prison administration, he is unfortunately not finished with the justice system, since the end of his sentence [of preventive detention] and his appeal are only suspended.

The words and deeds that are multiplying in solidarity with Boris give rise to the desire to live outside of all authority.

Anarchists in solidarity and complicity,

28 September 2021

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