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IWW Prisoners Solidarity With Blood Money Campaign

Members of the Incarcerated Workers Organising Committee have issued a message of international solidarity with workers in Myanmar and the Blood Money Campaign.

Originally published by Derry Anarchists.

The statement was released earlier today by prisoners following increased solidarity action protests across Ireland, England and Scotland.

“We send love and solidarity to the people of Myanmar, including the thousands imprisoned and those whose loved ones have been killed by the dictatorship. “Your brave resistance against ruthless repression and unimaginable atrocities is an inspiration to all those who aspire for a better world and whilst our own imprisonment limits the range of actions open to us, we are committed to standing with you in whatever way we can.

“We intend to educate those within our reach about the ‘Blood Money Campaign’ making our families, friends and fellow prisoners aware of the actions that workers in Myanmar are undertaking. We aim to highlight the role of multinational corporations plat in proving direct and indirect support to the military dictatorship.

“We will echo your calls for all those companies doing business with the regime to divest immediately and end their association with the suppression of freedom and justice. “We hope we can aid you in your struggle and in our own small way pierce the veil of normalisation the dictatorship wishes to present to the world.”

Incarcerated Workers Organising Committee Ireland Ends

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