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On the despicable anti-migrant march in Iquique, Chile: The defense of the nation is the defense of the State and exploitation

Chile. The following are some brief reflections on what happened this Saturday, September 25 in Iquique, events that reflect a new phase in the local migration crisis, which in turn is part of the global migration crisis.

Originally published by Vamos Hacia La Vida. Translated by Riot Turtle.

On the despicable anti-migrant march in Iquique, Chile: The defense of the nation is the defense of State and exploitation in PDF format:

Following the despicable images of the anti-migrant march held last Saturday, September 25 in the city of Iquique, where an angry and irrational mob burned the tents and the few belongings of families, mostly from Venezuela, fleeing the collapse of the capitalist “Bolivarian project” of “Socialism of the XXI century”, we believe it is necessary to make some general reflections on the “fascist moment” that we have all just witnessed.

Racism and xenophobia have nothing to do with a natural and primitive “fear of the unknown”. On the contrary, their roots are established with the appearance of societies divided into social classes (which only represent around 10% of the history of humanity) and, particularly, with the development of capitalism. That skin color or place of birth become elements of discrimination, abuse and oppression is then explained by the need to inferiorize a certain human group in order to make its exploitation possible at the hands of another.

This becomes evident with a brief review of history of European colonialism on the rest of the globe, which was nothing more than a bloody enterprise to supply raw materials and workers to the states of the old world, a process that is at the genesis of capitalism as a system of domination on a global scale. Slavery and the most brutal exploitation were the origin and product of progress in the civilization of Capital.

To justify this process, the ruling class had an ideological arsenal that resorted first to religion and then to science. In the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, from the supposed neutrality of scientific research, several “theories” emerged that preached a natural determination to explain the existence of a hierarchy of “races”, which also started from the assumption of the transversal inferiority of women.

The current rejection of “foreigners” that a part of the society brings up is a direct consequence of nationalism. The very concept of nation is a concept of the dominant culture. Territories defined by borders, within which States exploit their own population on the premise that they are contributing to the growth of the “fatherland” (Can there be any doubt as to the patriarchal origin of this term?)

On the other hand, migratory flows are either the product of capital movements and their related crises (displaced persons and refugees due to war, famine, the miserable material conditions of some “poor nations”, the collapse of states and, more recently, the dramatic climatic disorders that capitalist industrial development has brought about), or directly managed by the interests of the ruling groups, to supply themselves with a cheap labor force to be used for work that “their” citizens are not willing to pay for, either by economic pressures or by changes in the demographic structure of their population. Moreover, these influxes of people from other countries make it possible to give rise to fabricated conflicts within the proletariat, since immigration effectively contributes to lowering the price of human capital (which is what we, the proletariat, are), that is to say, to reduce wages, and in this way the darts of the most simple understanding, educated faithfully in the values of Capital would point against their immigrant brothers and sisters, seen as competition, thus weakening the confrontation with the capitalist class itself (these measures are usually defended and promoted from progressive sectors, sometimes under a supposedly anti-racist and integrating discourse).

In contextualizing xenophobia and attempting to uncover the social relations that give rise to it, we do not intend to give any kind of ethical justification to those unfortunates who see their own humanity crushed by giving in to racist prejudice and nationalism.

The defense of the nation is the defense of the State and of private property. National sentiment is a despicable cloak to cover up the irreconcilable conflict between exploited and exploiters within the borders of a country, a process replicated in all nations by the ruling class. The sentiment of national unity is a triumph of our class enemies.

A community based on the fulfillment of human needs and not on the incessant accumulation of capital will sweep away any notion of political boundaries and social hierarchies and, therefore, racism and all forms of discrimination based on physical characteristics or place of birth, are issues that are ridiculous to maintain and that must be fought today.




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