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Repression at the demonstration against the covid certificate – “Against the compulsory certificate, against the far-right” [Geneva, Switzerland]

Geneva. Switzerland. On the 1st of October at 6pm a demonstration against the covid certificate was called for in front of Uni Mail in Geneva. The front banner read “against the compulsory certificate, against the far- right”. A clear slogan for a moment of mobilization following the day of strike against the covid certificate launched by several cultural and meeting places. No Nazis in the streets but dozens and dozens of cops, with everything that is available in terms of repressive gear. At this stage we don’t have an overview to describe the force involved, but we counted about ten vans, the same number of motorcycle cops and at least a hundred riot cops.

Originally published by Renverse Co. Translated by Riot Turtle.

The demonstration, about 600 people, marched, without any clashes, from Uni Mail to rue des Terreaux du Temple until it was stopped and then ketteld for more than two hours. The police demanded several times that the demonstrators show their identity papers but a good part of the crowd, patient and united, preferred to resist this order until the end. The cops finally dropped the order and released the happy crowd, who were able to join the hundred or so people who had gathered in support on the Coulouvrenière bridge. Another victory for those who stand shoulder to shoulder in a demonstration.

The cops, probably very unhappy to have had to give in during the standoff, violently pushed back the demonstration on the Coulouvrenière bridge until everyone dispersed.

The Geneva Anti-Repression Group will not give an assessment of this demonstration, but confirms that controls were carried out before the start of the demonstration and at the end of the standoff. It remains to be seen whether arrests were made, but we can already say that at least one person was injured by a blow from a baton and brutally pulled out of the demonstration by the police. We hope that he was taken to the hospital and that he is ok. If anyone knows this person please connect him/her with us through our mail ->

In general, we invite you to contact us if :

  • You have been a victim or witness of police abuse
  • You were arrested during or around the demonstration
  • You were checked during or around the demonstration
  • If you know anyone who has been arrested

It is possible that in the next few weeks some people will be summoned by the police and/or receive criminal charges. If your identity has been taken, we advise you to check your mail and to contact us as soon as possible if you receive a bad surprise.

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