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Berlin: Report from the open assembly about the raid in Rigaer94

Berlin. For many years now there’s the decision of open structures and individuals in solidarity with them, to come together after events such as unexpected evictions, raids and other state assaults. The meeting-point for this is New Yorck in Bethanien at 7 pm on the closest upcoming evening. The reason for this meeting is to share information in a direct and open way and to decide about the next steps.

Originally published by Indymedia DE.

According to this there was an invitation after the latest raid in Rigaer94. Because Interkiezionale already planned an action at 8 pm in front of Rigaer94, the meeting was called for 6 pm. The content of the meeting is summarized in the following paragraphs.

The meeting started with a short report from Rigaer94 about the raid as well as the underlining of their proposal given earlier that day, to stick to the agenda of resistance for the coming days of the eviction of Köpi-Wagenplatz. According to Rigaer94, the raid and also the attack on the fighting workers of Gorillaz (they got sacked the same day) had to be seen as Day-X-events, but it would not be necessary in this phase of the intensifying struggle to create a direct answer, given also the fact that the raid was an event of minor violence.

Another statement identified the raid nevertheless as a violent action by the state and the need for a direct answer such as a demonstration was expressed. After this there was a short discussion that came to the conclusion to support the gathering and the neighborhood radio in front of Rigaer94, that was called by Interkiezionale.

Generally the participants of the assembly agreed, that the decision to have this Day-X-Meeting was good and should be continued. There was the decision to publish a report about this meeting, to on the one hand spread the contents and on the other hand mobilize for this Day-X-Meeting for upcoming events.

Finally the assembly supports the calls to participate in the fight for Köpi-Wagenplatz. There are a lot of dates in the upcoming days, e.g. the Demonstration on saturday, 9th of october at 6 pm, starting in front of Liebig34 in Friedrichshain-North (More info:

For the next unpredicted Day-X-Events: 7 pm Bethanien – Open assembly

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