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Nightly rider actions for German Gorillas workers [Amsterdam]

Amsterdam. Netherlands. We, Amsterdam riders, support our German fellow riders in their struggle. Yesterday we heard thousands got fired for striking at Gorillas. So immediately we went out to paint our support all over the Amsterdam Gorillas warehouses. It is the second nightly solidarity action.

Originally published by Indymedia NL.

On Friday the 13th we visited locations of Thuisbezorgd and Gorillas in Amsterdam, last night we went around the Gorilla’s warehouses in Amsterdam.
We don’t accept victimisation of riders. We demand like our German friends higher pay, better working conditions, the right to stand up for ourselves.

Rehire the Gorillas strikers, victory to the riders!

Some slogans we did:

Striking is not a crime
Berlin ❤
Solidarity with Berlin
Riders not Robots
Fair pay not firing
Respect Riders Rights
Turn your bikes upside down
Strike Strike Strike
Safety not sackings
Riders unite
Delete Gorillas
Unionbusting in 10 minutes
We fire 10 minutes
Broken: bikes, backs, phones, promises
End hire to fire

Because their struggle is our struggle, international solidarity.

Labournet Video: Gorrilas strike at Bergmannkiez [Berlin] – October 1, 2021

Today, on October 1st, Gorillas riders went on strike again.

They demand better pay, safety at work and better schedules. 

“Most of us are actually not aware of our rights. So we are learning about our rights through such actions as well.” (from the Video)

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