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Day X demonstration for Køpi Wagenplatz [Berlin]

Berlin. Once again in the last few months we have received another blow to our liberated spaces in the city: the announced eviction title of the Køpi Wagenburg on the 15th of October.

Originally published by Kontrapolis.

Route of the demo: 15.10.2021 – 08:00 p. m. (20:00) – Tag X Demo – Zickenplatz Kreuzberg. Route: Zickenplatz, Kottbusser Damm, Kottbusser Straße, Kottbusser Tor, Reichenberger Straße, Erkelenzdamm, Oranienstarße, Manteuffelstraße, Muskauerstraße, Eisenbahnstraße, Wrangelstraße, Mariannenplatz, Engeldamm, Köpenickerstraße, Adalbertstraße

Køpi is a center-point of the antagonistic counter-culture of the city, and has hosted over the years multiple events, that brought together the radical movement. The reputation of Køpi goes well beyond the city, with many bonds with people all over the world, who are connected with the project.

Køpi has been under threat for long periods and for numerous times, but always, together with solidarians has managed to make clear to investors, politicians and media one thing: Køpi bleibt Risikokapital! This time, the attack against Køpi is materialized with the threat to evict Køpi Wagenburg. Since the 10th of June the court decision allows the ownership to evict the area, and throw dozens of people in the streets, destroy their infrastructure, their homes and their collective, self-organized way of living.

The political parties, real estate companies, construction companies, courts, all these public and private bodies and institutions are dedicated to one goal: making as much money and power as possible and distributing this only among themselves.

We know that we are not the only ones who want to make ourselves heard, we know that many people are fed up with paying exorbitant rents, seeing the cost of living increase, feeling increasingly trapped in the grip of a policy that takes more and more from us.

For these reasons we call to a demonstration on the day of the eviction, Friday the 15.10 at 20.00 at Kreuzberg, Zickenplatz (U-bahn Schonleinstrasse) to demonstrate against the eviction of Kopiplatz, against cops and oppression! In an area known for the clashes with police, multiple house projects and friendly houses our goal is to make Kreuzberg our’s again! During such days our already offensive collective experiences, such as the 1st of august demo in Neukolln, the tag x demo of Liebig34 at Mitte etc should be developed, our determination should bring the struggle one step forward and our anger should be expressed in every possibility! In this area the last years fights against the cops and gentrification was a daily struggle! Let’s make the eviction of Kopiplatz a political disaster for politicians, cops, investors.

We call all our comrades and friends, all the neighbors of kopiplatz, all the people of Kreuzberg to participate in this demo, to be in solidarity with the fight against gentrification and to do not forget to leave their house’s door open for people who need to retreat! Kreuzberg used to be a rebelious neighborhood, let’s prove that nothing has changed!
For Kopiplatz, for Kreuzberg, for our neighborhoods and our friends, for us!

Route of the Køpi Day X demo on October 15 in Berlin. From Zickenplatz to Adalbertstraße

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