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Athens: Exarchia greets Köpiplatz [Berlin]

Athens. The night before the anounced evicton of the occupied Köpiplatz in Berlin, we hung a banner from evicted Gare Squat in Exarchia, which said: DEFEND KÖPIPLATZ. Gare was until its eviction a space for the defence of Exarchia and we dont want to give any space to the enemy for free.

Originally published by Athens Indymedia.

After this we blocked the traffic on Kallidromiou Street in front of it with a burning barricade of tires and trashbins. This because this street is one of the most used from nearby Policestation to spread terror in Exarchia. With this symbolic gesture – which can be extended in space, time and means of self-defense – we support Köpiplatz because they did not bow their head to the eviction order and decided to resist. Resistance means life.


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