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Eviction Days II: Fiesta in Kreuzberg [Berlin]

Berlin. Short summary of seen and heard in connection with the TagX demo in the course of the Wagenplatz eviction. Rather an impression…

Originally published by Kontrapolis. Translated by Riot Turtle.

With satisfaction, a mixture of Kreuzberg residents and rebellious structures from all over the city, other cities and countries retaliate for another attack on self-managed spaces. Friday evening, just a few hours after the eviction, brings thousands of people to the streets. The mass that gathers there is not only unmanageable but also hard to define. The violence that immediately breaks out draws more and more people. The mostly out-of-town squads are attacked with determination and harshness. Troops, which were intended to form side trellis, are actually just chased from the starting point of the rally to Kotti. It is raining stones, bottles, street furniture, dishes from the bars and powerful fireworks.

The vans driving in front of the demo come into the crossfire of rocket batteries from the backyards of Kottbusser Damm. PMS, which wants to approach the demo as a large group, is chased back into the side street shortly after the bridge. Besides, some high-priced cars are smashed and also the stores and co-working spaces, which are identified as the main gentrifiers, are not spared. LIDL is also destroyed.

After Kotti, the demo heads towards Erkelenzdamm, where it becomes increasingly chaotic. The headquarters of Akelius is smashed again, a security guard saves himself in time. The cops now try to split the demo and, like at the last demos, to build up lines in the middle of the crowd, which takes the whole width of the street and the sidewalk. Oranienplatz: two vans have not heard the shot and are forced to flee with stones. The gentrification hotel Orania is banged up while in operation, the luxury tourists inside are left shocked.

In Oranienstrasse, the cops manage to form a serious line for the first time. But because there are about ten thousand people, this does not quite succeed. A spontaneous breakout makes its way along Adalbertstraße in the direction of Köpi Wagenplatz. Four six-packs (they also didn’t hear the shot) are forced to flee. The way to Wagenplatz seems to be free, but in the end it lacks the courage and maybe also the mass to dare this step. On the Mariannenplatz this mob disappears. In the meantime, the main demonstration continues its planned route through Oranienstrasse, Wrangelstrasse and then across Mariannenplatz in the direction of Wagenplatz, but still loud and with pyro. The fiesta from the beginning of the demo ends on the last meters with mockery at the deployed police forces. With a lot of pyro, the crowds poured into the neighborhood.

Between Kotti and Heinrichplatz, a rebellious mood dominates the scene for the next few hours. ( Later, two riot police squads besiege the Goldenen Hahn on Heinrichplatz, one of the publicly announced meeting points for the demo. They are out for trouble. Not difficult on this evening. They try to storm the Goldenen Hahn as part of a revenge action. Two attempts to storm the pub are answered by covering them from the inside and outside with everything that is not nailed down. A video finally shows them going in after all . Even though the Hahn now no longer has a door and the windows have been broken, this confrontation is also a defeat for the cops.

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