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From berlin to leipzig, we stick together and stay ungovernable!

Leipzig. Germany. Three days ago we were informed that the repressive mechanism of the state, police, banned the demonstration on the 23th of October in Leipzig.

Image above: Archive image of a police operation on February 15,2020. Image by Leonhard Lenz. Published under  CC0 1.0 Universal Public Domain Dedication.

Originally published by Indymedia DE (slightly edited by Enough 14 to improve the translation).

An authoritarian decision that overcomes even the democratic facade of their bourgois democracy. For us demostrating is one of our political tools, one of our meeting points, a part of our resistance! We have to resist against this decision, this attempt shouldn’t left answered. The streets are ours to demonstrate against opression and exploitation, against authorities and power! Let’s meet in the streets of Leipzig now more than ever, against gentrification, repression, cops!

We stay together, we stay ungovernable!

From Berlin to Leipzig, from Stuttgart to Hamburg and everywhere WE STAY AUTONOMOUS, RESISTANT, IRRECONCILABLE!

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