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Athens, Greece: From Zizania squat, Solidarity to KØPI , Yfanet and Prosfygika

Athens. Greece. Our squats are under attack all over Europe. 6 days ago, cops evicted the trailer park of Köpiplatz. As a minimum show of support we hung a banner in our squat, Zizania, in solidarity with all struggling comrades against the repression of the state, the violence of the cops and the erasure of gentrification/capitalism, in Athens, Thessaloniki, and Berlin.

Originally published by Act For Freedom Now!

Our squats are liberated territories, spaces where we can exist, interact, organise and live outside thenorms and stereotypes of the authoritarian, capitalist, racist, sexist and chauvinist normalities that suffocate us.

On 15.10, the eviction of the historic KØPI trailer park Berlin took place, after a constant struggle until the last moment for its defense, both by comrades inside and by thousands of solidarity people gathered from outside.In the evening of the same day, crowds gathered in the streets of Kreuzberg, carrying out a dynamic march against the aggressive gentrification that sweeps the neighborhoods of Berlin. The building of Kopi and the trailer park have been squattet since over 20 years. We hope for many more to come but the eviction of the Kopiplatz is to be understood as an attack on our structures as a whole.

Along similar lines we extend our solidarity to Yfanet squat in Thessaloniki that the ministry of Culture is threatening with the eviction andthe demolition of a building with historical significance. Squatted for 17 years now, Yfanet is a benchmark in the anarchist, antiautoritharian and queer movement of Thessaloniki and Greece as well.

Another endangered Project is the squatted neighborhood of Prosfigika. Prosfygika is a community of 6 blocks in Alexandras avenue sandwiched between the High Court of Greece and the Athenian police HQs. For over 12 years the community has struggled alongside the anarchist movement and is now threatened with the eviction of its 2 first blocks for them to be turned into parking spaces and a museum for migration.

We stand in solidarity with all squats under threat of eviction. We refuse to give our territories over to state and capitalists, we reject every move to make our spaces profitable for investors and governable for the state. For as Zizania we see ourselves as the part of the squatting movement and will defend it with every means possible.

Squats are the roses of our movements. Try to pull them out and you will bleed, for we are the thorny buds of our struggles.

We stand in full solidarity with KØPI, YFANET, PROSFYGIKA, and support the actions that preceded and will follow.

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