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Anarchists march in Perama Piraeus in Athens after the execution of an 18 year old by 7 cops [Greece]

Athens. Greece. Perama: Microphone, gathering and a march took place after a call by the Anarchist Group of Perama on the afternoon of Sunday, October 24, 2021, starting from Heroes Square, two blocks away from the police station and the local offices of New Democracy, which were “tabooed” behind three MAT [riot cops] cages and an Aura (Water cannon ).

Originally published by Athens Indymedia. Translated by Act For Freedom Now!

The call gor the rally stated the following:


In a neighbourhood like Perama, which for decades has known the murder of workers in the sweatshops of the N / E shipowners, state bullets, the killing of an unarmed child, we have brought the war to outside the courtyards of the houses of the Neoktista (Newly built district), a stone’s throw from the cauldrons of death.

On the night of Friday, October 22, after a chase that started in Thebes and was to end in Perama, the cops killed a 20-year-old Roma man and seriously wounded a 16-year-old boy, after firing shots in bursts. The sheriffs of each Theodorikakos ( minister of citizen protection) did not hesitate to empty their guns among the courtyards and it was purely a matter of luck that the families of the surrounding houses did not receive bullets.

This cold-blooded execution is not a sudden event, but it is part of a series of escalating incidents of state violence against anyone who does not comply with the dictates of the doctrine that determines who is “delinquent” and who is not. The current line of “zero tolerance” in persecution is not an isolated part of the overall repression by the state, but faces society at a time when everything that goes beyond control and surveillance is declared illegal, from demonstrations and strikes, to movement in public space and the self-determination of our bodies.

The ever-increasing “criminalization” of our lives and the legitimization of state murders will not stop anywhere but will continue in every aspect of social life, if we do not stop it. Here, we have to say that the prosecution authorities and judicial mechanisms are “notorious”, together with their accomplices of the media who cover up hired killers. A state that launders paedophiles is the same state that kills and eliminates the childhood of life and, ultimately, life itself.

But life is reborn and finds its way where there is resistance through solidarity and rebellion, whatever shatters the dystopia of state and capital. We oppose our will for struggle and freedom, overcoming all social divisions. We are in conflict with democratic illusions and the murderous state.



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