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Climate march on November 6: Call for a black-green bloc [Amsterdam, Netherlands]

Amsterdam. Netherlands. On 6 November there will be a climate march in Amsterdam. It is being organized by a broad coalition of liberal organizations and action groups. They ask governments and leaders to protect the climate. We want them all to fuck off and take their capitalist system with them! Only revolution will save the earth!

Originally published by Vrije Bond.

The people who are letting us drown in the rising seawater will never be the people that save us. We have no trust in the companies that our destroying the world and will not hope the state will stop them one day. The thugs that protect capital will always turn against us and will only become more violent. We cannot wait until politicians have broken another promise. Or until police are used to close down coal plants.

This system will keep itself going until the world is burning. Or until we get rid of it!


The struggle against climate change in the Netherlands is dominated by NGO’s and groups that hope to change system from the inside. It’s time to let them know that only revolution can free us from capitalism and save the earth.

We are calling for a system without exploitation of the earth. A system in which we have no world leaders who can decide who will die in the next climate disaster. We are going out on the streets for a world that helps the people who are hit hardest by climate change. Instead of pushing back small, packed boats to sea or forcing people to work the mines under the scorching sun so we can have our smartphones. We want a world without oil magnates, without a weapons industry or fascists that want to build walls where we need solidarity. A world where people have control over their own lives without sexism, racism, speciesism, ableism or any other form of oppression. A world without capitalism and the state!

Come to the Dam square in Amsterdam on 6 November and let the climate march be black and green! Join our anarchist bloc!

We will gather from 12.30 at the Rokin (see attachment). We will go to the Dam square at 12.50.

Please think about your own and others’ safety. We are seeing more police repression and the number of corona cases are rising. These are both good reasons to mask up. We won’t decide for you which is more important.

With love and we hope to see you 6 November!

Vrije Bond Amsterdam

Update Black-Green bloc climate march November 6

Originally published by Indymedia NL

On Saturday, November 6, we will stand on the Dam Square in Amsterdam for a better climate. The Vrije Bond Amsterdam and Active for Justice have joined forces forces together and form one big black-green bloc at the demonstration.

The time for talking is over. Only by coming together and working together work we can abolish this destructive system. Capitalism divides us. Capitalism tells us that progress, technical development and trust in bureaucrats and politicians is the way out of this crisis. It treats nature and other animals as subordinate to human interests. But it is these things that are destroying our world! And so we must organize. We have to take control into our own hands. We must liberate ourselves! Only revolution can save the earth!

We will stand on the Dam Square to proclaim this message. While liberal NGOs and action groups continue to beg politicians for change, we will make it clear that we can do it ourselves. That only struggle from below is able to solve the problems of capitalism. By abolishing it completely!

So find us on the Rokin on November 6 at 12.30. At 12.50 we will walk to the Dam Square. It will most likely be a very crowded demonstration. So be on time, so we can also start walking on time and find a good spot!

In the meantime, we are working on the final touches. There is an arrestee support group (AG) that has been set up in case there are any arrests. Although we expect fewer problems than with the housing protests, we are never sure how the police will react to an anarchist block. It is better to be prepared than be caught off guard.
The phone number of the AG: +31686293706. The lawyer is from the firm of Jebbink & Soeteman Lawyers.

Also, the antiableism bike will be riding again. Not everyone is able to walk a whole demonstration at all times, whichs means that they do not want to or cannot participate. We just want to be an anarchist movement for everyone. The antiableism cargo bike is meant to give people a place to rest, so they can take a moment to recover and take up the struggle again! Thus we make the demo accessible to (hopefully) as many people as possible.

We also have a place afterwards for people to recover, come together and recover together from the demo. Due to safety reasons we will only announce the location at the demo.

With love,


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