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From Embers: Ann Hansen on Prisoner Organizing and Working With Allies [Podcast – Victoria Anarchist Bookfair]

So-called Canada. In this interview, Ann Hansen, author of Direct Action: Memoirs of an Urban Guerilla and Taking the Rap: Women Doing Time For Society’s Crimes, discusses her work with the Prison for Women Memorial Collective (P4WMC).

Originally published by Victoria Anarchist Bookfair and From Embers.

The group is dedicated to having a permanent Memorial Garden and Gallery for all of the women who died in federal prisons, to be located inside the now-closed P4W Prison. It is their goal to exhibit art, writing and films about the women in prison, so they will be remembered as the fully fleshed-out human beings they were. Ann recounts recent challenges her group faced working with non-prisoner allies.

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