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Wuppertal police confirm “death in police custody” [Germany]

Wuppertal. Germany. First brief and partly contradictory information about a death person in police custody at a Wuppertal police station. According to Athens Indymedia, the person died on November 2. Athens Indymedia also states that it was 24-year-old Giórgou Zantióti (Γιώργου Ζαντιώτη). The Wuppertal police confirmed to Perspektive Online a “fatality in police custody” but did not want to further comment on the matter for the time being. Also not about the identity of the person who died.

Update: Addition Enough 14: Due to lack of knowledge of the Greek language on our part, it was difficult to translate the name of the person killed correctly. In Greek, the name is spelled Γιώργου Ζαντιώτη. In the first article we translated it as Giórgou Zantióti. However, according to some Greek comrades it is Giorgos Zantiótis. We apologize for the confusion.

Riot Turtle.

On Saturday, a video (below with English subs) was published on Athens Indymedia, in which you can see how the cops fix a person. According to Athens Indymedia, this person is Giórgou Zantióti.

According to Twitter account @aoratos25, an hour and a half after arresting Giórgou Zantióti, the cops informed people close to him: “Less than an hour and a half after his arrival, they announced his death and handed over his torn clothes to a person close to him.”

The sister of Giórgou Zantióti is said to have yelled at the cops during the arrest that he had recently undergone surgery.

@aoratos25 further writes that Giórgou Zantióti was insulted by the cops with racist insinuations after an argument in a nightclub. His sister was reportedly beaten beforehand. According to @aoratos25, Giórgou Zantióti was also beaten and kicked in the stomach by cops, which cannot be seen in the video.

@aoratos ends his Twitter thread with; ” Giórgou had recently undergone surgery for a stomach problem. His mother is from Poland and his father from Greece. In recent years he worked in a fast food restaurant in Germany.”

After the video (above) was spread at Athens Indymedia and on various social media yesterday, some journalists asked the Wuppertal Cops and the prosecutor’s office today for information about the fatality. After almost a week of silence, although various press releases about other issues were published by the Wuppertal police in this period, journalist Sebastian Weiermann received today the following statements from the Wuppertal prosecutor’s office:

“The public prosecutor’s office in Wuppertal on the death in police custody:
A cab driver had called the police because 2 former passengers were “rolling on the floor”. Brother and sister.
The man then became highly aggressive and was fixated.”

“He was then taken into custody. There he continued to be aggressive. A police doctor took a blood sample. Immediately afterwards, the man suffered a circulatory collapse. Attempts by the police doctor and the ambulance service to revive him were unsuccessful.”

“A post-mortem examination, which has since been completed, gave no indication of police misconduct, he said. An internal emergency was the cause of death, he said.
The prosecutor suspects that drugs may have played a role. However, it would take time to clarify this.”

“The public prosecutor’s office refrained from publicizing the incident because it did not consider an internal emergency to be relevant to the media. Not even in police custody.”

“A death investigation had been initiated by the public prosecutor’s office. The Hagen police are handling this for reasons of neutrality. An investigation is being conducted against unknown persons.”

“Comment: I can not understand the public relations work of the police and the public prosecutor’s office at all. A death in police custody is always relevant to the media. To react only on demand is not possible at all. And awakens, even in case the police has done everything right,”

“a completely wrong impression.

The prosecutor talked about drugs very often during our conversation. Without having a definite confirmation. That takes time, of course. But that this story is so strongly promoted, is at least also questionable.”

The circumstances and the silence of the cops and the state prosecution around the death of Giórgou Zantióti smells really bad. If the still unconfirmed news that he was kicked in the stomach by cops shortly after he underwent stomach surgery is true, then this is definitely NOT a tragic accident. The long silence of the cops and the prosecutor’s office and the fact that they only reacted after being asked by journalists, seems like an attempt to sweep everything under the carpet.

More information will follow!

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