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Wuppertal: Spontaneous demo after another death in police custody [Germany]

Wuppertal. Germany. After it became publicly known through the media (nD, taz, Spiegel) on Sunday morning (07.11.) that on Monday (01.11.) a person became unconscious during an ordered blood withdrawal in custody of the Wuppertal police and died, so the official version, about 60 people (other sources reported up to 100 people at its peak, Enough 14) gathered in the evening for a spontaneous demonstration.

Originally published by Indymedia DE. Translated by Riot Turtle.

After people gathered in front of the main train station, they went to the B7, where the person was brutally arrested just before the main train station. From there, the demo, still accompanied by a number of vans, moved to the court house, where the person died in custody.

Throughout the entire demo, the demonstrators’ attitude towards the police became clear through speeches, slogans and banners. The police do not bring security and order, they are rather a factor of insecurity for a large number of people. Instead of de-escalating, they kill people, abuse and torture.

The name of the person killed is Giorgios Zanioti. His death is one of a series of deaths caused by the actions of the Wuppertal police in recent years.

For example, Max died in 2018 when he was killed by police in the street by several shots for allegedly knocking off car mirrors with a hammer. Another person died a few months ago when the police shot this person through the closed door of his apartment. With a machine gun. Because he was in a state of mental emergency. Alone in the apartment. Investigations in all cases taken over by the public prosecutor’s office in Hagen (neighboring city) for reasons of neutrality. Honi soit qui mal y pense.
Particularly shocking here is the story of how the death of Giorgos came to the public. Through Twitter messages and an article on Athens Indymedia. No press release by police and state prosecution. Only after inquiries by journalists the case was confirmed. Why? State prosecutor Baumer immediately provides the explanation: The death of the man was not caused by police intervention, but by drug consumption. So it was not relevant to the media. The cause of death of 25-year-old Giorgos is natural, an internal emergency. His death is also part of the cover-up and concealment by the police, which makes it almost impossible to investigate what happened – accompanied by his stigmatization as a drug user. Again, a system.

A world in which death in police custody is considered a natural cause of death, this world, must be attacked with all means. In recent years, not only in Wuppertal, people have been murdered by racist police practices and trigger-happy cops – the perpetrators in uniform continue to be on duty.
Break the myth of friends and helpers!

In Koblenz, too, there was a call for a spontaneous demonstration at 20.00 at Münzplatz. Thanks for the solidarity!

Addition Enough 14: Due to lack of knowledge of the Greek language on our part, it was difficult to translate the name of the person killed correctly. In Greek, the name is spelled Γιώργου Ζαντιώτη. In the first article we translated it as Giórgou Zantióti. However, according to some Greek comrades it is Giorgios Zantiótis. We apologize for the confusion.

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