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Ignite the flames of resistance! – A call for direct action during the weekend of the Housing Resistance Demonstration (November 12 to 14) [Netherlands]

Netherlands. In addition to the series of demonstrations related to the housing shortage, we call on everyone who is involved with anarchism to organize direct actions during the weekend of the demonstration in The Hague. This demo will be a static manifestation on the Malieveld. In our view, such a mobilization will erase any form of rebellion and dynamics from a demonstration. We have long been done with the misery of the housing market, we therefore choose alternative means of struggle that are not imposed or expected by the state and capitalist institutions.

Originally published by Indymedia NL. Translated by Riot Turtle.

Therefore, from Friday, November 12, to Sunday, November 14, we call for direct actions related to housing issue.

Let it be clear what is causing the housing shortage: the unwillingness of politicians and property owners, a bunch of capitalists who put profit before well-being. The state is there to protect the current housing system and the real estate mafia and is out to wipe out the willpower for resistance. This can also be seen at our demonstrations for housing: imposed routes, restrictions by order services under pressure from the police, surveillance and control, the use of plain-clothes officers and brute force by riot cops and Arresting Teams (AT), and even banning demonstrations such as in Tilburg. Indeed, the state has no interest in changing the current situation. The violence that the state uses against us shows that we are in a social conflict, in which different power interests clash. We therefore have no intention of adopting a passive attitude. We do not hold out the illusion that we can realize our desires and needs merely by marching in demonstrative parades, nor that the state and capital are willing or able to fulfill our desires.

A logical solution to the housing shortage is to free ourselves from the oppressors and thereby build up self-managment. We see that only by direct action – by going beyond the legal limits imposed on us by the state – we can succeed in creating self-managment and our housing spaces. Since our direct actions are in line with our desires, we feel no need to wait patiently. We want to realize our desires now, in the present, therefore we also move to direct action now. The only question is where and how to strike? Let’s confront those in power, prevent evictions, expropriate properties from speculators and disrupt the social order/peace that the state uses to pacify the housing shortage.

To realize our way of living, we must do more than demonstrate and demand reform. We don’t just want to improve the relationship between landlords and tenants, make the relationship between the CEO and worker more horizontal, or strengthen the trust between the politician and the voter. Rather, we want to identify these relationships as the core of the problem and blow them up. If we strive for resistance, rebellion and social struggle it cannot be limited only to housing specifically. Our struggle is a struggle for everything for everyone. Our struggle is against white supremacy and Fortress Europe, against Patriarchy, the looting of our planet and against class society as a whole. Our struggle calls then for subversion not only of housing policy but of daily life. Because let’s face it, the routine of life under capitalism, is the real crisis.

A revolt must be uncontrollable and unpredictable. A centralization of struggle plays out in the hands of state and capital more often than it does not. Let us not limit ourselves to symbolic actions and geographical locations. Let the fire of resistance spread without limit.

We don’t want to be brought down by capitalism, therefore capitalism must be brought down by us!

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