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They did it again! Again a fatality at the hands of the Wuppertal police! Demonstration: Saturday November 13, 2021, 06:00 pm (18:00), in front of the City Arcaden (Alte Freiheit) in Wuppertal (Close to the main train station, Hbf) [Germany]

Wuppertal. Germany. They did it again!

November 01, 2021 – Another fatality by the hands of the Wuppertal police!

We will not forget Giórgos!

We want truth and justice for Giórgos!

Come to the demo on Saturday, November 13th ’21 at 06:00 pm (18:00) in front of the City Arcaden (Alte Freiheit) in Wuppertal – Elberfeld (Germany, very close to the main train station, Hbf).

Submitted to Enough 14 in German. Translated by Riot Turtle.

With the demonstration we want to take Giórgo’s sister’s demand for truth and justice to the streets!

Giórgos is now the third person to die in Wuppertal in the last two years during a so-called police “measure”. Again, the Wuppertal police is allegedly not to blame, allegedly, as always, the victim himself is to blame. As always, because he was allegedly aggressive towards the cops. As always, drugs were allegedly involved. As always, just an isolated incident. And as always, the Hagen police will investigate. And as always, the Wuppertal police will soon investigate against the colleagues in Hagen.
Because, as always, one hand washes and covers up the other.

We have had enough! We do not believe in individual cases, we do not believe in the guilt of the victims. The problem is and is called police. Partying or not looking German is enough to die when coming into contact with them. 10 years after the self-disclosure of the NSU and the complete failure of the secret services and the police, Nazi chat groups and NSU 2.0 letters are piling up at and from the police. These are supposed to be isolated cases? No, there is a system behind it!

The senior public prosecutor Wolf-Tilman Baumert is also responsible. The fact that the death of Giórgos Zantiótis was reported after 5 days is, according to his own statements, on his account. Quote Baumert: “I decided that. It was a natural cause of death. I did not consider it newsworthy.” Such a person is a senior prosecutor! How can a death person in police custody be natural? It is inconceivable; a young person dies in police custody and the prosecutor does not consider it newsworthy? Prevents it from even being mentioned in the police report or the media. It feels like an outright lie. It seems as if Baumert knows exactly what the Wuppertal police is responsible for here and as if he wants to protect the officers and prevent reactions and a social outcry.

We want to know the truth about what happened on the morning of November 01! Why was Giórgos arrested? The video footage of the brutal arrest shows that his sister, who accompanied him, was shocked by the police action.
We ask, how can it be that a 25-year-old person dies during a blood draw and how long does a toxicological report actually take? Or had Giórgos perhaps not taken any drugs at all, or not enough? And where does the Westdeutsche Zeitung get its seemingly exclusive knowledge about what drugs he allegedly consumed? Who ordered the forcible blood sampling, and on what grounds?

We demand the removal of Chief Public Prosecutor Baumert. After his brazen attempt to sweep the death of Giórgos under the carpet, it was not even too dirty for him to claim that he did this to protect the family of Giórgos. They are certainly the last ones Baumert wanted to protect by doing so.

The dying at the hands of the police will not stop by itself! But worldwide more and more people stand up against the brutal state power! We are not alone and we will become more! Take to the streets together! #AbolishPolice

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