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We are angry about the death of Giorgos Zantiotis! – November 13: Demonstration in Wuppertal [Germany]

Wuppertal. Germany. Again a person has died in the hands of the Wuppertal police. On a video the sister of Giorgos Zantiotis can be heard, she is crying and tells the cops who are fixing Giorgos on the ground with a hard hand during his arrest, that he recently had surgery. (A doctor’s letter confirms that Giorgos had a stomach surgery about 2 months ago). There are unconfirmed reports that Giorgos was kicked in the stomach during this police operation.

Come to Wuppertal (Germany) on Saturday, November 13, 2021. 06:00pm (18:00) in front of the City Arcaden (Alte Freiheit) in Wuppertal – Elberfeld (very close to the main train station).

Originally published by Jeder Baum Zählt! (english: Every Tree Counts!). Translated by Riot Turtle.

The cops and the prosecutor’s office kept Giorgos’ death a secret for days, until journalists reacted to reports on the web and asked state authorities about it. When it became clear that the death of Giorgos Zantiotis could not be covered up, they switched to criminalizing the victim. Drugs! Drugs! Drugs! Drugs are always mentioned when the victims of police violence have to be discredited and criminalized afterwards and the cops want to divert attention from their guilt and responsibility.

Friends of the caravan wrote: “Also in the case of Mohammad Selah, a refugee from Guinea in Remscheid (Germany), it was claimed that drugs were involved. He was denied medical care because he was to be deported. The public prosecutor, who came from Wuppertal at the time, claimed that drugs were involved, although there was no evidence of this. His friends testified this and the doctors suspected a tropical disease.”

The Wuppertal cops are known nationwide for their brutality. They stand out at demonstrations because of their violence again and again, be it in Berlin, Hambi, or in Wuppertal. In the Osterholz forest in Wuppertal, they have managed to threaten the husband of a city council member from Haan with pepper spray (in 2019), when he was strolling with his dog. Other strollers, most of them were local residents, were also threatened with pepper spray. About two weeks ago, a stroller in the Osterholz forest was handcuffed, after several people interfered, the handcuffs were removed again and the person could leave.

For about a week, people from the citizens’ initiative Osterholz Forest and the forest occupation have been subtly threatened again and again. A major police operation would soon be imminent if one of the barricades would not be dismantled. After the barricade was dismantled a few days later as a sign of goodwill and de-escalation, there were renewed threats that all barricades must now be removed. Since the forest is still threatened from clearing and eviction, it should be clear what the answer to this renewed threat on the part of the Wuppertal police is.

In 2014, police stormed the newly occupied building at Marienstraße 41 with pulled guns. During the attack, one of the squatters was confronted directly with a gun.

In 2015 a person was stabbed with 8 knives by fascists (HOGESA) in front of the AZ (autonomous center) Wuppertal. The first thing the Wuppertal police did was to order the paramedics out because of “special danger” to storm the building. Subsequently, all first responders were suspected of having stabbed this friend, after which some were also temporarily arrested. The first responders were accused of being the main suspects until shortly before the trial, although the cops had already caught the perpetrators on the same evening of the attack.

The Wuppertal cops work with intimidation and violence. As a method. Regularly. Again and again, people die in the process. e.g. Max, who in 2018, was killed by cops on the street with multiple shots, because he allegedly knocked off car mirrors with a hammer. A few months ago, in the Arrenberg district of Wuppertal, a person was shot dead when the cops fired a submachine gun (MP5) through the closed door of his apartment.

This person was alone in his apartment in a state of mental emergency and he was not helped, they killed him. And now Giorgos Zantiotis has died after being taken into custody by the cops. In the video, recorded during his arrest, Giorgos can be heard screaming in pain.

We are angry about the death of Giorgos Zantiotis!

No Justice! No Peace!

Come to Wuppertal (Germany) on Saturday, November 13, 2021. 06:00pm (18:00) in front of the City Arcaden (Alte Freiheit) in Wuppertal – Elberfeld (very close to the main train station).

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