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Solidarity with those who carry the world on their backs! – Gorillas demo on November 16 [Berlin]

Berlin. The struggle of the gorillas in Berlin is also a struggle against exploitation and gentrification. As Interkiezionale we fight as a coordination of different, anti-authoritarian and self-organized and autonomous structures in Berlin against the city of the rich.

Originally published by Indymedia DE. Written by Interkiezionale.

The exploitation of suppliers is also an outgrowth of this gentrified and neoliberal city. People can have any need, no matter how artificial, brought to their bedside from now on. By people who race through the city in precarious conditions, in all weather conditions, and are paid poorly or not at all.

The fight against the city of the rich also means to live the city as a public space. The current development, however, foresees an increasing retreat into the private sphere of those who can afford it. Yuppies move into this city and use it simply as a way in between from the co-working space to the fancy restaurant in the evening. Even during Corona, they were allowed to retreat to the “home office” while gorilla people brought food to their homes.

The pandemic didn’t hurt everyone; companies like Gorillas benefited for now. Profiting from the fact that many POCs and people without german passports are among the riders, the company is using the dependency of the working-visas to apply even more pressure to this group of workers. Furthermore many workers had been fired by the compnay for their  participation in strikes for better workingconditions. But obviously they underestimated its employees. The gorillas workers have shown fighting spirit and have gone on the offensive, despite the risks they have and had to take.

We stand in solidarity with the struggling gorillas and call  to join the demonstration on Tuesday, November 16th at 5 p.m.!

Against capitalist exploitation, against the city of the rich!
Let’s unite our struggles!
Boycott Gorillas!

Demo: Tuesday November 16th, 5pm at Muskauerstraße 48, Berlin-Kreuzberg


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