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In remembrance of Giorgos Zantiotis

Wuppertal. Germany. Why was Giorgos Zantiotis arrested by the police? Why did he have to die?

Demonstration on Saturday, 13.11.2021 in Wuppertal Elberfeld (Germany)

Start 6 p.m. in front of the City Arkaden (Alte Freiheit)

Originally published by Indymedia DE.

In the early morning of November 1, 2021, Giorgos Zantiotis died in a cell in the district court of Wuppertal. Only a few days later the public prosecutor’s office in Wuppertal published his death. The explanations and accounts are incomplete and we have been wondering since then why Giorgos Zantiotis had to die.

The version presented to the public is inconsistent and contradictory. Nowhere is it clear why Giorgos was arrested. Sometimes a quarrel outside a club, sometimes an argument between Giorgos and his sister is said to have been the reason for the police intervention. But the sister has so far not spoken of any quarrel with her brother. On the contrary, in the video available on the net for all to see, she pleads with the officers not to hurt Giorgios.

Yesterday, 11.11.2021, the spokeswoman of the Wuppertal prosecutor’s office in the state parliament put the death of Giorgos Zantiotis in connection with alcohol and drugs. The alcohol content of his blood was stated at the same time as 0.01 per mille. Evidence of drugs was not presented. So why did Giorgos Zantiotis have to die? Why, in hindsight, is young Giorgos Zantiotis and his death being dragged through the mud without facts?

Why are allegations made without evidence and the personality of Giorgos Zantiotis associated with drugs and alcohol although Chief Public Prosecutor Baumert supposedly because of the personality rights of Giorgos Zantiotis published the death only days later? Did he perhaps rather want to protect the officers involved in the operation?

We have investigated the truth in many cases so far, also here we will drill and ask questions until we and all know why Giorgios Zantiotis had to go from us. In the case of Oury Jalloh, Dominique Kouamadio, Adel B, Mohammad Selah, Ameer Agheeb, … we have presented the truth transaprent to the public. Again, we are trying to establish the facts.

We stand by our promise of last Sunday to the family of Giorgos Zantiotis and will accompany them, the sister and his mother on this difficult path. Until they learn the truth and understand why they can no longer hold the kind Giorgos, as his sister describes him, in their arms.

On Saturday we will be together with interested Wuppertal people, with initiatives on the streets of Elberfeld to emphasize our questions and to underline our solidarity with the family.

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