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Demo: Remember and Fight for Giorgos Zantiotis [Berlin]

Berlin. On Monday November 1, Giorgos Zantiotis died in police custody at the police station in Wuppertal. He was arrested after a party.

Originally published by Kontrapolis.

Police pinned him to the ground, beat him and kicked him in the stomach. A video on social media shows his sister pleading that he be left alone. After Giorgos died, the police in Wuppertal did not feel the need to publicize a death in their custody. They felt the death of the young Greek man was „not relevant to the media“. For 8 days, they did not let the family see the body of Giorgos, his clothes were thrown away by the police. Giorgos‘ death is the sixth death in police custody this year alone. All six people were migrants. Since 1990, 199 people of color have died in police custody

Police are to blame for these deaths.
Against perpetrators in uniform!


20.11.21 Demo / 06:00 p.m. (18:00) / Karl Marx Platz – Berlin

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