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Demo Updates for „Remember and Fight for Giorgos Zantiotis“ [Berlin]

Berlin. On Saturday we will take together to the streets to remember Giorgos Zantiotis who died in police custody on November 1 in Wuppertal.

Originally published by Kontrapolis.

The cops tried to hide another death in their hands! Giorgos died BECAUSE of the police! Let us come together to remember the victims of cops but also show our anger against perpetrators in uniform! NO JUSTICE! NO PEACE!

The Demo will start at 6pm @ Karl Marx Platz (in Berlin). We want to inform as many people as possible about what has happened so feel free to bring flyers, posters, transpis to tell Giorgos‘ story.

At the ending point of Oranienplatz, there will be a commemorance for Giorgos organized by „Ihr seid keine Sicherheit“. So please bring also flowers and or candles.

We hope to see you all on saturday.

Demo Route:
Karl Marx Platz
Kottbusser Tor


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