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Gorillas demo update and self-criticism [Berlin]

Berlin. On Tuesday the 16th of November a demo in solidarity with the gorillas riders took place. Starting from the warehouse of Muskauer str.48 at 18.00 the demo marched until Hermannplatz. Around 600 people demonstrated, shouted slogans, spread flyers and made clear that Gorillas workers are not alone. As Interkiezionale we also participated and called for the demo since we recognize the struggle of Gorillas as a try to resist and fight back the city of the rich. We participated in posterings and flyerings, we mobilized and tried to be more activily involved in this struggle. We believe that the connection of urban struggles should be our priority in order to compose an intersectional resistance.

Originally published by Indymedia DE.

We are in solidarity and actively support the demo and broader struggle of the Gorillas riders, as it is a self-organised, unmediated struggle and the starting point of a broaden resistance against exploitation and opression but we would like to self critize ourselves and distance ourselves from a logo of Interkiezionale, that doesn’t actually exist, next to parties logos, as it was used in the mobi flyer of the alliance organization. We are an autonomous coordination, without logos and no official alliance partner, but companions in the fight against exploitation. We dont see ourselves as alliances with parliamentary left parties which as part of the government actively evict houses and places, repress and oppress our fights! We believe that parliamentary  (and not only) left parties shouldnt be part of our emancipatory struggles since our political perspectives and practices  are polar opposites! We fight for a world without authorities, hierachies, domination. For a world based on solidarity, mutual-aid, self-organisation!

ps: Update Gorillas Trial
The management of the delivery service also fails in its second attempt to prevent the ongoing works council election. It can now go ahead as planned.

The works council election at the delivery service Gorillas can continue. The Berlin Regional Labor Court rejected the company’s appeal against a decision by the lower court on Tuesday morning 23.11.2021, a court spokesman confirmed to heise online. The works council election, which began on Monday and runs until Friday, can thus continue (Az. 13 TaBVGa 1534/21).


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