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Amsterdam: Hotel Mokum evicted

Amsterdam. Netherlands. November 28. 2021. Yesterday morning Hotel Mokum was evicted by riot cops. On October 16, 2021, squatters announced the former Hotel Marnix on Marnixstraat 382 was squatted a few days earlier.

Published by Enough 14. Written by Riot Turtle.

After authorities announced that Hotel Mokum will be evicted on Thursday evening, squatters issued a statement on their Instagram account saying that: “Today the municipality threatened Hotel Mokum with a speed eviction under the pretense of fire safety. Before the municipality stated fire safety should not be misused for evicting squats and that squatters should have the chance to fix safety issues. We suspect potential eviction any time from tomorrow morning. Please keep an eye on our channels we will keep you posted as soon as possible. We are taking legal measures and will organise a demonstration as soon as we know more. The coming days we need your support to protect our squat and spread our message: NO EVICTION FOR VACANCY! FUCK THE LAW SQUAT THE WORLD!”

On Friday evening several hundred people took to the streets to protest against a possible eviction in the pouring rain.

On Saturday morning 15 riot cop vans drove to Hotel Mokum and sealed-off Marnix street.

About 150 people were in front of the squat and got attacked by cops with batons.

After the attack, the cops drove people that were in front of the squat away with buses. The cops entered and evicted Hotel Mokum.

The protests against housing shortages continue in the Netherlands. Today, Sunday November 28, people will protest in Groningen. Start of todays protests is 02:00 p.m. (14:00), at Vismarkt in Groningen (Netherlands).

From Indymedia NL

Below you’ll find info about the arrestee support/legal team during the Woonstrijd housing demo (and autonomous actions) in Groningen on November 28th, 2021 at 14:00 (2PM).

– The legal team phone will be turned on from Sunday morning 12.00.
– Legal team can be reached on +316 8415 5616.
– Lawyer is Tosca Urbanus
– Are you an adult? Then please only ask for your lawyer after being detained (this happens after 6-9 hours).
– You have the right to your medication.
– You have the right to stay anonymous.
– You have the right to vegan/vegetarian/halal/kosjer food.
– You have the right to a translator/interpreter.
– “No comment.” You have the right to remain silent. (So you don’t incriminate yourself or others.)

Legal team will be available to support people arrested during the housing protest/autonomous actions and to record possible police brutality, should these things occur.

Our & your lawyer is Tosca Urbanus.
If you’re an adult, the lawyers request that you ask for them only when you’re being detained (after 6-9 hours), because there’s no capacity to support many arrestees during their first interrogation.

If you are arrested and want to talk to your lawyer, ask for Tosca Urbanus. The lawyer is only capable of assisting on the phone. They are also only capable to assist with crime in which pre trial dettention can be used. the police will in that case tell you that you have a right to a free lawyer. 

Remember: interrogation by the police is only used to gather evidence against you and/or fellow activists. You are not required to make a statement. Use that right! Only ask for our laywer, besides that: you should remain silent.
An interrogation is not the place to have a discussion or to prove a point.

Legal team will be available the coming days on +316 8415 5616
(Preference for communication over signal

Do you see someone getting arrested?
– Call legal team and describe the location where the arrest is and describe the looks of the arrestee.
– Don’t mention any names.
– Watch out with what you say when you call or text legal team. Don’t share any incriminating details over the phone.
– If you’re arrested yourself, please let us know when you are let go. Also let us know if you get a criminal order or a court summon (and for which charges).
– Don’t sign a criminal order (strafbeschikking) and don’t sign to get your personal items back. 

Good luck this Sunday with the Woonstrijd demo or your autonomous actions! Our solidarity is stronger than their repression!

Some reading tips related to repression and security culture:
– De arrestee book –
– What is security culture –

(Legal team is not part of the organisation of this housing protest, but we show solidarity with everyone who struggles for better housing and a better world.)

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