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Anarchist publication RUMOER #5 released

Anarchist publication Rumoer #5 was released. Rumoer is an anarchist publication from the Dutch territtory.

Originally published by Rumoer.

The riots in Rotterdam (and shooting people by the cops there) happened just too late to still be analyzed or celebrated or…. But, luckily enough tasty things did make it to the paper. Good tips to destroy your mobile phone, a callout to refuse the corona pass, and also a conversation on the anarcho-blocks at demonstrations, ideas on housing struggle and of course lots of news from far away and really nearby. It has not been quiet in the world of pandemics, disasters, control, and exploitation, so we shouldn’t be quiet either.

Here it is: #5 English digitaal

If you subscribe to our mailing list, we will make you happy with a mail every time there is a new RUMOER (no worries, never more than 3 times a year). And if you send us money we can right away start making the next edition of this sweet magazine. The RUMOER will once again be spread on the street in non-corona-proof pick-up spots and also in the better bookshops or (a)social centres. And if you do not find it there, you could print it or send us an email with your order (the amount you want and in which language). Order some extra to share with the people around you, so you have something to talk about. Send your request to: RUMOER at RISEUP dot NET.

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For a hot winter, a big kiss

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