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Response from Heraklion Crete and a call for the eight arrested [December 6, Alexis]

Heraklion. Crete. December 6. 2021. Anarchists, leftists, student associations and collectives of the city started today’s demo at about 07:00 p.m.(19:00) with 1000-1200 people and an anarchist block of 700-800 people.

Originally published by Apatris. Translated by Riot Turtle (with the help of translation software). We apoligize for possible minor mistakes in this translation.

The demonstration started with a very strong pace from Lion Square and through the streets of Kalokerinos, Agios Minas, Averoff, Eleftherias Square, Daidalou and ended back at Lion Square.

During the demo, anti-state, anti-police and anti-fascist slogans were constantly shouted and bank ATMs and security cameras were broken while hundreds of leaflets were distributed.

The cops were following with strong forces from a distance, parallel to the main streets. The various skirmishes that erupted had to do with their defiant presence, with the platoons lined up for a confrontation in front and behind the anarchist block in Liberty Square where many young children and families were having fun at the time.

The anarchist block did not respond to the challenge that would have created dangerous situations due to the responsibility of the “citizen protectors” and continued through Daidalos, the most commercial street of Heraklion, while there was still traffic in the centre. It continued with a pulse, returning to the starting point, Lions’ Square, in order to reach the Evangelismos squat via Theotokopoulou Park.

It was there that the planned attack by the police broke out with the aim of dispersing the anarchist bloc, regardless of the consequences. The roundabout movement was resumed as before in Liberty Square with the platoon that had been positioned behind the town hall from the beginning to flank the demonstration, while the block was attacked on its back side. The block stood decently, repelling the attack where flash bangs and tear gas were thrown between the tables and the pedestrians in the centre of Heraklion. The reversal of reality by local tabloids that demonstrators were allegedly outraged from bystanders and that the police intervened is just an alibi for the brutality of the attackers and the arrests made by the police.

The result of this attack was eight arrests of whoever they could find in front of them at that moment.

After midnight the detentions turned into arrests.

A gathering in solidarity with the eight arrested people is called for tomorrow Tuesday 07/12 at 9 am at the Courts.


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