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Update from the trial of P. Georgiadis, M.T. and E.M. on December 6 [Athens, Greece]

Athens. Greece. The trial of P. Georgiadis, M.T. and comrade E.M. went ahead as scheduled on Monday 6/12. Dozens of comrades responded to the calls for solidarity, hanging banners outside the court of appeal and shouting slogans inside the courtroom.

Originally published by Act For Freedom Now!

The trial was postponed and comrade P. Georgiadis remains in custody. A possible scenario is to set a new trial date in the first months of 2022, as the 18-month term expires in March.

Freedom for the fighter P. Georgiadis!

Solidarity to comrades E.M. and M.T.!

No one alone in the hands of the State!

Fire to the prisons!


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