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Abolish Frontex: Blockade Koningin Máxima barracks Royal Marechaussee in Badhoevedorp [Amsterdam Airport, Schiphol]

Badhoevedorp. Netherlands. December 18, 2021 – Since 7 o’clock this morning, on International Migrants Day and also international Abolish Frontex day of action, Stop the War on Migrants has blocked the entrances to the Queen Máxima Barracks of the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee (KMar) in Badhoevedorp (Sloterweg 400). The Border Security Training Center located there is a training location for EU border security agency Frontex. The action is a protest against Frontex, the Dutch cooperation with Frontex, the European migration policy and the role of the KMar in border control and deportations.

Originally published by Indymedia NL.

In addition to the blockade of the gates, Stop the War on Migrants is present with banners, flyers and a sound system on which, among other things, the names of refugees who died because of European policies are read out. Since 2015, tens of thousands of people have died unnecessarily while trying to find a safer life in Fortress Europe. This coincides with a major expansion of Frontex and deals with non-EU countries to stop refugees. This is not a coincidence, it is correlation. The situation at European borders, such as the border between Poland and Belarus, on the Greek islands and in the Channel, is becoming increasingly dire.

Frontex’s list of tasks has expanded enormously since 2015, including a mandate to form its own armed border guard. One of the places where Frontex’s staff is trained is the training center at the barracks in Badhoevedorp. The Netherlands thus has a responsibility for the abuses at the borders by Frontex, as well as for making personnel and equipment available for Frontex operations. Frontex is involved in, among other things, illegal pushbacks and the forcible interception of refugee boats.

In addition, the Netherlands is a strong supporter of deals with third countries such as Libya to stop refugees before they can reach Europe. As a result, human rights are being violated on a massive scale. Officers of the KMar are regularly involved in border security activities and training in countries outside Europe, including Libya, Lebanon, Morocco and Niger.

In addition to its contributions to Frontex and the devastating EU migration policy, the KMar also carries out surveillance and controls at the Dutch borders, engaging in ethnic profiling, and is responsible for deportations, often to unsafe countries.

Both the Netherlands and Frontex consistently point the finger at others when it comes to responsibility for violating the rights of refugees, but should immediately cease their own activities in this area.

Stop the War on Migrants stands for the abolition of borders and freedom of movement for all. For some years now, the group has been campaigning and providing information against the militarization of the European borders and the role of the arms industry in this. A spokesperson said: “We are blocking this barracks today to protest the Border Security Training Center as part of Europe’s war on refugees. We are against Frontex, and against the role of the KMar in border control and deportations. With this action we join the international day of action of the Abolish Frontex network.” As part of this day of action, actions are also taking place in at least 18 cities in eight other countries. 120 organizations and groups participate in the network. A flyer action, with banners and music, will also be held on Dam Square in Amsterdam this afternoon from 2 to 4 pm in solidarity with refugees who are protesting at the UNHCR in Libya for their rights and for a safe future.

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