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The Aroma of Fire: The Rage of Despair in a Tripolar World – Gustavo Rodríguez [I am Dynamite Editions]

“The sulphorous aroma of the combustion of petrol and is derivatives, causes an unmistakable olfactory sensation that incites a certain transitory state of euphoria and unconsciously sends us a succession of associated images that produce infinte pleasure: a burning precinct, a prison reduced to ashes, a conglomerate of charred atennas, a torched patrol car or a beautiful charred shopping centre. This becoming-fire -which lights up the night- causes a liberating commotion that no other means, no war machine, can bring about. A gesture is innovated that makes anarchy perceptible through the flames of devastation.”

Gustavo Rodríguez

Originally published by Dark Nights. Written by Gustavo Rodríguez.

PDF: The Aroma of Fire: The Rage of Despair in a Tripolar World

I am Dynamite Editions present their first publication of the long awaited translation into English of our anarchist comrade, Gustavo Rodríguez’s ‘The Aroma of Fire: The Rage of Despair in a Tripolar World (Rethinking the struggle from the informal anarchic perspective)’.

With our first publication we begin our publishing project to promote the informal insurrectional anarchist praxis and Black Anarchy.

More than ever there is a need for analysis and critique of the past, present and future systems of domination, along with the struggles against them. This is our contribution to a newly evolving insurrectional conflict, a destructive end to the existent.

Future publications to come…

I am Dynamite Editions


PS. Our delayed gratitude and ongoing anarchist complicity to all those comrades who helped us in the long hard journey to create this publication. Better late than never!

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