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The time has come: 01 January 2022: DAY X in Osterholz! – The game is still the same: We determine the playing field! [Wuppertal, Germany]

Wuppertal. Germany. Ten days ago we published an interview with people who are fighting for the Osterholz forest. A few days later the mayor of Wuppertal and the lime works company decided in a backroom meeting that the forest, which is occupied since August 15, 2019, will be evicted and uprooted soon. A statement by Jeder Baum Zählt (Every Tree Counts) from the occupied Osterholz forest.

Originally published by Jeder Baum Zählt (Every Tree Counts). Translated by Riot Turtle.

On 01.01.2022 at 00:00 a. m. the moratorium expires. Since the Oetelshofen lime works have made it clear that they have no interest in further talks about alternative solutions at the round table with the citizens’ initiative Osterholz Bleibt (Osterholz Stays), local residents and the city of Wuppertal, it is expected that in the first week of January the Osterholz forest will be evicted and uprooted. Perhaps even evicted before. So watch out for announcements!

Since the Oetelshofen lime works want to start their destructive activities soon, and the cops want to support RWE in the second week of January to wipe out Lützerath, it is expected that the operation in Osterholz will start on Monday, the third of January.

The representatives of the old world should get ready for something, because we will fight for the beautiful Osterholz forest. For all living beings! Because next to the many plants and trees, many beautiful animals live in the Osterholz. Their habitat is supposed to give way to the greed for profit of the lime works Oetelshofen. Since the climate report for Wuppertal by the German weather service, a federal authority, we know that the temperature in Wuppertal has already risen by 1.4 degrees. So it also affects us, human beings. In their report, the German weather service makes clear that no more green spaces should disappear in Wuppertal. But what does the Old World care about its own expert opinion when it comes to money. We are not surprised. The whole circus is primarily aimed at business as usual, optionally with a green varnish. Even in 2021, the old world has not yet understood that people can neither eat nor breathe money.

We already know it from Hambi, Danni and many other places. Soon the lackeys in uniform will hit the Osterholz forest, to assist for the profit of a private company, fueling the climate crisis. This comes as no surprise to us, yet it makes us angry! But we are not only angry, we are also creative.

We have not forgotten that the city of Wuppertal voted with a large majority for deforestation in a recommendation to the district government of Düsseldorf. We know that the district government of Düsseldorf has given Oetelshofen the permit to uproot the forest. We know that the biggest clients of Oetelshofen are RWE and Thyssen-Krupp. However, the largest part of the lime from the Osterholz mine is used for road construction. We know that the German railroad company Deutsche Bahn, transports the lime from a to b. The struggle against eviction and deforestation in the Osterholz is part of the struggle against the climate crisis. Against the deforestation plans of the Oetelsfen company in Osterholz, against their support of the lignite industry of RWE, against their support of arms manufacturer Thyssen-Krupp and against their support of further land sealing by road construction. If we add the responsibility of the city of Wuppertal and the district government, we suddenly see a huge playing field in front of us.

Because, although we call to come to Osterholz from now on and defend the forest together, we determine the playing field ourselves. Come to Wuppertal, defend the Osterholz forest or show in the city of Wuppertal that there is no business as usual when they evict and uproot the forest. For people who can not come to Wupperta;, visit the many perpetrators who are responsible for the climate crisis in your city or village.

In case of eviction and / or clearing: Block everything!

Osterholz stays!

Lützerath stays!

All villages and forests stay!

All houses stay!

Every tree counts!

Every eviction has its price!

Every grubbing has its price!

Jeder Baum Zählt (Every Tree Counts), December 2021.

SMS alarm chain

Send your cell phone number to if you want to receive an alarm SMS in case of eviction or grubbing.

Here you can find the forest occupation:

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