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Terra Incognita squat | The agenda above all… [Biologica, Thessaloniki]

Thessaloniki. Greece. In the early hours of New Year’s Eve, a large number of police forces block the university campus and begin the eviction operation of the Biologica squat. They invade our space and, after conducting a search, begin the demolition work of part of the squat under the pretext of creating a library – with our space of course being imagined as a waiting room.

Image above, banner says: “Squats are not dead walls – They are living struggle”

Originally published by Athens Indymedia.

For 34 consecutive years, the Biologica squat has been a breath of freedom in the urban, authoritarian suffocation. For decades, the space has birthed and housed political and cultural collectives, structures of resistance, solidarity and mutual aid, struggles and disobedience both within and outside the university community. Countless political and cultural events, concerts, discussions, meetings, conversations, have left, in these 34 years, a mark of fellow travel with the development of the local anarchist-antiauthoritarian and wider subversive movement.

We find in front of us, once again, the rectory of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, which in recent years tends to be the new police headquarters in town. Following the order of eviction of the Terra Incognita squad in August 2020, Papaioannou’s gang takes another step by opening the campus gates to welcome their uniformed colleagues, proceeding to a new eviction, this time inside its ghetto of their own authority. Because, within campus, the problem is neither the degraded learning infrastructure, nor the pervasive drug trafficking that makes you think twice about where and how you’ll get in. But also outside, in society, in a situation where people are dying every day – not only from the pandemic, but also from the widespread poverty and misery – where the government (with 40,000 cases and a deliberately deteriorated national health system) celebrates the successes of its death cult politics, the repression of squatting is once again the priority. Above our lives and our needs, above all – the agenda.

Stories are not to be told, but to be written and changed…

We know very well what repression, eviction, and loss mean. What it means for a bunch of uniformed trashbags to break into your home. That is why, with faith and consistency in our projects and history as a collective, we decided that, from the first day of our own eviction, we can fit into nothing less than the same, familiar paths. That is why we chose to house our collective in the Biologica squat, alongside the comrades of the Solidarity Fund for imprisoned and persecuted fighters, and of the Biologica collective, which participated before us. Because we are comrades by our actions and choices, not by our words.

Stupid executioners, your order is built on sand. Sometimes with whispers, sometimes with screams, our rage will arm our memory, patience, faith and consistency in the same dream: we were, we are and we will be squatters for a lifetime. Illegals, militants, punks and dropouts, disobedients, dreamers, persistent, rebels, free and mad, but, more than anything, alive in this metropolitan death. What the hell are you?

We fall, but we fall on you. Nothing ends, nothing dies.

Occupations are the past, present and future of the struggle for freedom.

And we are the flesh of their flesh.

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