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Announcing Creeker, A Zine About The Fairy Creek Blockade

Announcing a new publication Creeker, about the ongoing struggle at Fairy Creek on so-called Vancouver Island.

Originally published by Its Going Down.

This summer on so-called Vancouver Island, thousands of people moved through a de-facto autonomous zone spanning multiple watersheds. An entire constellation of struggle burned bright this summer, welcoming into its fold a new generation of land defenders. We cannot begin to fathom the amount of stories of collective and individual experience that have piled up, but we also recognize how sleep deprivation, trauma loops, burnout, and the shock of returning to society can preoccupy our minds.

This offering represents an attempt at encouraging others to share some of what they have begun to process, knowing that it will take years to integrate all they have gone through, for better and worse. Contributions for Volume 1 include odes, poetry, stories, reflection, news, and analysis.

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Old Zine about the Elaho Valley Blockades:


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