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On the situation of our detention [Free Elany]

On January 9th, Elany and I were arrested, as reported by companions on Indymedia. While I am now free again, Elany is still in custody. The charges are urgent suspicion of dangerous sabotage and arson. No evidence was presented to me and most of the questions they asked me were about Elany. After all, I’m just „a pitiful sickly follower who got up with the wrong person“ as one cop told me during an interrogation.

Originally published by Feral Fire. Written by L.

Elany and I haven’t known each other long but I know about her concern about snitches and sensationalist journalistic vultures who pounce on everything and harass and endanger the environment. That’s why I first consulted with her circle of friends what information I can share publicly. Therefore, I will not name the place of detention publicly. Visits are not possible and even a phone call is not allowed. I will first have to find out through our lawyer if at least mail can be received. When I have clarity about this, I will share the address with her circle of friends. Common friends and companions from Germany can then contact M. from „Black Arrow“. Since I know that the two know each other personally, I trust them with the address and to whom it will be passed on. I have also been given several contacts of people here in Switzerland who offer support. If help is urgently needed I will go through the contacts.

Since I now also know that Elany is somewhat disturbed when individual prisoners get a martyr status and draw all the attention to themselves while many other prisoners suffer inside the walls, I ask people showing solidarity to extend this solidarity. No prison demonstrations and other actions in a certain place because a certain person is imprisoned but actions in all places because prisons exist at all. This would make her heart smile much more. No one is free until everyone is.

Finally, a heartfelt thank you for the support. When I know more about Elany I’ll share the info right away. Now let’s clarify if we can write to her.

PS: I have no access to the connected email and twitter account. Elany has always done that. There was an email set up for her case at

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