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Intervention at the German School of Thessaloniki for the resistance in the occupied zone in Osterholz [Greece]

Found on: terra incognita. Translated with Deepl translation software. We apologize for any minor errors in the text. The translation software is good, but not perfect. In the original text there is always talk about Düsseldorf, we have changed that to Wuppertal.

Intervention at the German School of Thessaloniki for the resistance in the occupied zone in Osterholz [Greece]

From Greece to Germany – The Struggle for Life, Territory and Freedom

Since August 2019, the Osterholz forest, on the border between Wuppertal and Haan, has been occupied. The spread of revolutionary rhetoric against the plundering of nature made it clear from the first days that this was a forest occupation and a fight for freedom: The Oetelshofen company, owned by the Iseke family, is not only a major player in coal burning [their lime kilns run on lignite, among other things, and they sell lime to the lignite department of RWE, Jeder Baum Zählt, support group of the occupation], road building, and weapons manufacturing, but also owns vast amounts of agricultural land that they have been leasing to farmers for ages. They have long been involved in local councils and are members of several local associations. Somehow, we keep seeing a family pushing its interests out of self-interest. Oetelshofen works with Thyssen/Krupp, a multinational company focused on steel industry and production, with RWE, the second largest multinational company in the world in wind power production and the third largest in Europe in renewable energy, and with road construction companies. The Iseke family are members of the CDU, which was much in the media during the last election period and due to a citizen*s initiative prevented the leader of the local CDU/CSU parliamentary group and CEO of Oetelshofen from standing for election again. As we have already said and as we know very well, familism knows no limits.

The Osterholz occupation is also supported by local residents who filed a complaint to prevent the immediate execution of the planning approval procedure. This complaint was rejected and the forest has been threatened with eviction since the beginning of January. The squatters have already declared their willingness to defend the forest by sabotaging main roads and using other creative methods. The struggle against the overexploitation of nature by our industrial society unites us anew every time. Whether that forest area is in Wuppertal or Skouries, whether it is the claiming of goods as in Styatias or the prevention of a road that benefits a multinational company, the struggle for freedom finds us on the same side in this war. No matter how many conferences they hold on climate change and how much they try to convince us of their environmental concerns, we will claim our freedom by any means necessary and send signals of solidarity to the world. From the metropolis of Thessaloniki, we respond to their call and express our solidarity with the Osterholt Forest, because if they think that we do not stand together in every struggle, they are wrong.

Power for the occupied Osterholz zone


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