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Rigaer94: Dealing with pariarchal violence and news from the courts [Berlin]

Berlin. [content-warning: reference to sexualized violence]

Whether it is on the streets or within groups and spaces, anti-patriarchal struggles are becoming more visible, not just in Berlin. As part of this, the past years have wittnessed in Berlin numerous callouts, some public and some not, of perpetrators and their protectors.

Originally published by Rigaer 94.

Multifacial struggle

Staying in the offensive means a reflection and unlearning of our internalised societal mechanisms. A lot of our discussions are currently concentrating on patriarchal structures as one of the pillars of the oppressive system that we want to be offensive against. And till now we are not satisfied with our un/learning procedures as we have made a lot of mistakes. We have been criticised for our behaviour many times, from people outside as well as from people within the collective, the latter showing that the destructive forces of patriarchal violence also impact on relationships and trust between us as a collective. We have to work on these critiques and we try to.

One outcome of our self-reflection was, that we decided to share more information in regards to the case of Johannes Domhöver. As it was published by others, Johannes D. has been violent towards FLINTA*. This information reached us in March 2021. After showing up at a public event in June 2021, we gave Johannes D. a houseban. However, we collectively protected Johannes D. by taking actions too late and not taking any further actions besides a houseban. We have to take responsibility for this, which we didn’t do in our first statement after the outcall in October.

Series of eviction trials

However, the struggle around patriarchal violence defines one aspect of the struggle we are currently fighting. With the eviction of Köpi-Wagenplatz in October 2021 ended for now one big wave of evictions of self-organised and autonomous projects in Berlin since the 90s. The year 2022 starts again with several juridicial attempts to attack our house, the Rigaer94. We want to carry with us the memories of endless actions against landlords, empowering demonstrations, resistance against Red Zones, smashed windows, squattings, stones thrown at cops and the general feeling of a movement that has shown powerful resistance in the past years.

On 7th of February there is another of the numerous attempts since 2016 to get an eviction title of our public space, Kadterschmiede and the youth club Keimzelle, both based on our ground floor. The last trial, which was supposed to happen in spring of 2021, got postponed after our lawyers claimed the judges to be biased. This appeal was turned down. Whether the court will, in contrast to former decisions accept the construct of the letterbox company Lafone Investment Limited this time and strengthen the grip of capital on housing, is unsure. Till now the legitimacy of Bernau and further colleagues is still not „prooven“ and the Brexit lead to German courts questioning the form of a Limited company in Germany to act. We also heard, that Beulker, the former „owner“ of Rigaer94, died. So he is not able anymore to act as a witness in court and tell the „truth“ about whom he, being obviously desperate after unsuccesfull years of trying to get rid of us, sold our house to in 2014. For us, this may change the legal status of this company concerning our house, but it will not change the way we perceive the everyday struggle against any type of authority and the ways we fight against any type of oppression and exploitation.

Besides the eviction trial against the public spaces of Rigaer94, there are further eviction trials running against all spaces with a renting contract in the back and side house as well as since summer 2020 against one of the squatted flats in the front house. This affects about 2/3 of the collective space in total. It does not come as a surprise, that the „landlord“ is trying to add individuals into the eviction trials that presumably live in Rigaer94. These trials are a result of the house raid of 6th October 2021, after which the cops passed on personal information of all the people identified in the house within hours to Bernau [].

Also in December an eviction trial started against one of the rented flats in the fronthouse, the next date ist not yet announced.

It is clear that the aim of the apparent owner is, by intensively trying to reinforce the legal weapons, to get as many eviction titles as possible so to be able to attack the house in a big strike.

As we will not have our enemy dictate to us when we will attack, this eviction trial of Kadterschmiede and Keimzelle is to us just another date in the continous fight of state and capital to destroy our house and its rebellious structures. The situation though is serious. The upcoming months might show another intensification of the clash between Rigaer94 and its enemies, which is in fact not merely between two opponents but an expression of a worldwide fight of those who seek mutual-aid, self-organization and solidarity instead of discrimination, exploitation and authority.

Behind prison walls

One of our flatmates, who was arrested a few days before the „fire security“- showdown, remains in prison. He was deported to Poland and is sitting in prison Zakłak Karny in the city of Gorzów Wielkopolski. Added to this, since end of November another person from this street has been in custody in the JVA Moabit. He is waiting for his trial which will take place at the end of February. Whoever wants to write them, send us an email for their contact details.


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