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Chile: Text of Mónica Caballero in response to the state assassination of Milena Cartes

Chile. Mónica Caballero wrote a statement in response to the state assassination of Milena Cartes.

Originally published by Anarquia Info. Translated by Dark Nights.

Once again death took a walk around San Miguel, and as on other occasions, the door was opened for her by those who anecdotally work closing them, the Chilean Gendarmerie.

On Saturday, January 29, in a macabre coincidence, Milena Cartes, confined in Tower 5, died after a week of ailments. Tower 5 was the same place where more than 10 years ago 81 prisoners died in a fire.

At the moment the information that has been disseminated about the causes of death of Milena is appendicitis, which worsened to peritonitis, something that (without being an expert) if it had been treated in time is not fatal. Cases like Milena’s in Chilean prisons are counted by the hundreds, there is a long list of deaths in prison due to avoidable circumstances and medical negligence, to which we could add the deaths that no one bothered to investigate.

The death of Milena Cartes will be forgotten unless the real reasons for her death are not disclosed.

Gendarmerie will try to hide and/or disguise what happened.

Mónica Caballero Sepulveda.

Anarchist prisoner held in San Miguel Prison.

February 2022.

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